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A rumour from Facebook

DO WE NEED ANOTHER COFFEE SHOP IN CROUCH END? HAVE YOUR SAY HERE. The old Clinton's shop, between Starbucks & Costa, will soon be transformed into Harris and Hoole. It may look like a nice local Camden Town style coffee shop but is in fact owned by TESCO.

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I do see what you're saying and can understand your frustration...and I'm probably cross at the general negativity at the moment via the media as well as what you've said...but at the same time, cafes are a public space and not an office. I tried to work in them as a grad student and failed miserably....always someone shouting on their mobile or having a loud and irritating conversation. I came to the conclusion that if you're going to try to work in a cafe, you have to have realistic expectations.  Anyway, I hope you do manage to find a nice quiet one against the odds! 

the coffee shop/bar is the haunt of the freelancer and creative, but even in Crouch End, there is a limit to how much can be drunk, surely?  Could someone with a love of calculation, estimate the number of coffee shops and cups of coffee sold a week multiplied by the average cost of a latte and see what our local economy is based on. How many coffee shops do we actually have and how many cups a day do they sell, I wonder?

Well I was in Crouch End on Saturday; I was buying some meet from the excellent Freeman's Butchers  and feeling in need of fortification before heading north through Crouch End to Hornsey Lane, I went into The Haberdashery on Middle Lane, a few yards away. Although reasonably  crowded -it was 11.25 am on a Saturday morning -there were a number of vacant seats, so that looked OK. However it turned out that there was a possible explanation for the empty seats when I was refused service. "We dont do just coffee at this time, we give priority to people who are ordering food".  Such priority indeed, that they turn lesser creatures away. A disproportionately annoying and irritating experience. and given the time of day and the vacant seats rather silly.

If it had been 12.30 or perhaps even 12 they would have had a better case. Also putting up a notice to warn people would have been nice.

Anyway it would suggest that they have more custom than they want, and I shall, in the future be of assistance to them by not bothering to go back. After all, it is indeed true that other coffee shops are available.

David, you do realise of whom you write? http://www.the-haberdashery.com/News.html

Well, that explains it. Clearly they do not like riff raff as customers. I shall just have to restrict myself to the undiscriminating establishments, of which it turns out there are several in Crouch End.

Let us salute them. They clearly do not put profit above principle (the principle of keeping out the lower orders.)

Im sorry i called the staff in coffee circus idiots. The Haberdashery make a mocha like a bowl of chocolate soup. It's disgusting. And it comes in an actual bowl. When questioned as to what it was, the guy in the photo above replied (cue fake Italian accent) "dis is howwa we make it in da haberdashery, you not like?". Nope, I don't.

Of course we have -after all what else really matters?

well ... this is because we need to do a Neighbourhood plan and start to have a say at planning level on what Crouch End people want and don't want! 

who's interested in starting/joining one? I raise my hand! 

Your local architect choice

Paola Boffo

If You Can Sit Outside.Why Not. More Canopys??!! More Chracter??!!

Absolutely! More Chracter! A useful word that which I shall now use often. (derived from the Irish language Craic)


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