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Currently to let in Crouch End - a modest number of shops

Apparently we've got a new Employment Minister, (have there been changes recently?) Damian Hinds, who has visited a business in Tottenham which repairs bikes, including those used by Deliveroo. The Tottenham Independent has documented this visit 

The new business , Porterlight, extols the virtues of the New Enterprise Allowance which helped get the business started.

This support might help you with your idea for a new business and just now there are a number of retail premises available in Crouch End. This selection is taken just from the Martyn Gerrard website.

Bamboo Burger - was once the Fish and Chip shop, but never really took off - MG says

Assignment of existing 20 year lease started in August 2014 with 5 yearly reviews.
Passing Rent: £35,000 PAX
Premium: £80,000
Business Rates:The VOA suggests the 2013/14 rates payable are in the region of £12,025. However interested parties are invited to make their own investigation as to the rates they would pay and whether a small business discount of rate relief may be applied.
Conditions: Ingoing tenant to be responsible for both parties’ reasonable legal costs. 

Middle Lane Barber - MG says 

Tenure: Virtual Freehold
Price: £175,000
Conditions:Ingoing tenant to be responsible for both parties’ reasonable legal costs.
References:A charge of £100 + VAT is payable for taking up references on behalf of proposed tenants. This fee is non-refundable after the references have been taken up, whether or not they have been accepted by the landlord.

The Italian place, was once Bunce's . MG says:

Lease: Assignment of a 20 year lease which started in 2011.
Rent: £28,000 PAX
Premium: £90,000
Business Rates:Interested parties are invited to make their own investigation to confirm whether any small business or rate relief may apply.
Conditions:Ingoing tenant to be responsible for both parties’ reasonable legal costs.

Great London Cars - MG says 

Assignment of current 15 year lease with 5 yearly rent reviews (10 years remaining)
Rent:£30,000 PAX
Premium:£30,000 ONO

Business Rates:The VOA suggests the 2014/15 rates payable upon this property are £9,045 approx. 

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There's a lot of disposable income in Crouch End. Maybe we're evolving more towards a High Street similar to that of Upper Street - a mix of higher end independent restaurants, cafes and gift shops with some chain restaurants and cafes mixed in.  It's becoming an expensive part of London to set up shop -  I can't see barbers and fast food restaurants surviving.

I suspect you are correct about the continuing gentrification and the disposable income - though it may be a much more recent phenomenon than we all think.

I had a conversation with some of the newer coffee shop proprietors and they were of the opinion that although Crouch End appeared well off, the high rents and mortgage repayments were having a dampening effect on discretionary spending and the local economy - until very recently. The theory goes that at some point over the last few years the area amassed enough of the higher earning bourgeoisie to have an effect on the high street...

Whether I wholly buy into this I'm not sure, but it could easily be the case - and the result may be the higher end High Street you describe.

There remain real constraints though, not least the relatively poor transport links: no stations + limited bus destinations + no car parks = limits to growth. Local shops for local people. Unless the impending development of Hornsey Town Hall turns into a project with cross London draw (which it could if there's the vision and the investment).

The CE Neighbourhood Forum (of which I'm a member) are currently trying to develop planning policies which aim to reflect the distinctiveness of Crouch End's economy and town centre. If anyone out there has a view, or wants to get involved, send them a message.


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