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Not Gorilla poo you understand, not seen any of those in N8 for a long time.  Nope, this is my new campaign and Isabelle and I take to the streets this afternoon to start my mission: to rid Crouch End of its dog fouling epidemic.  I hope this spreads (urrgh!) to Hornsey too.  Who knows, perhaps other thoroughly furious and civic minded people will join me and rid the streets, whilst shaming the idle owners of this disgusting problem.


My plan is thus: armed with a poop scoop and some bio-degradable dog waste bags from the really helpful chap in the Hornsey Pet & Garden Shop, a pair of rubber gloves, bleach spray and some strong chalk from Soup Dragon, me and my trusty side kick Isabelle, set off to find poo.

Today's walk is from the beginning of Weston Park nearest the centre of Crouch End and right along the left hand pavement to where we turn right up Denton Road.  Our search yields five piles on this one stretch and we scoop and dump, and leave the chalk drawing of a cup cake in each offending area.

Isabelle sees some of her little nursery friends and sing songs over to them that "We're clearing poo-oo" as if on some magical mystery tour.  They look kind of envious. 


We also combine this with a litter pick and remove:


3 coke cans

4 kebab boxes

1 packet marlboro (full)

loads of tissues and paper

1 Kellogg's Squares wrapper

3 Wotsits packets

2 Sandwich packets

1 raisin packet

6 cappuccino cups

8 cup lids  

2 K cider cans

loads of chewing gum wrappers

8 Macdonalds boxes (from where?!)


Jeepers, what fun we've had!  Photos prove it.


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On a short burst of litter picking yesterday morning, amongst the now predictable gatherings of Macdonalds wrappings, KFC, fizzy pop cans, cider cans, a lot of raisin boxes (Yummy Mummies what's going on here?) and reams of independently hurled (clean) toilet paper, I discover the wrappings of a Levonelle box, which is a brand of morning after pill.  My cheery thought is that at least this generation of indiscriminate (litter) tossers is not breeding.

My surprisingly eco-minded mother made the suggestion that Macdonalds have a duty to wrap all their offerings in bio-degradable and compostable packaging, considering its their filthy restaurants that are blighting the streets and hedgerows of Britain.

Another use for the chalk cupcakes that definitely can't be deemed criminal damage. Item dumped sometime yesterday morning on the pavement on Denton Road. Un-flaming-believable. Pic courtesy of an increasingly skillful Isabelle.  Today being the Sabbath and all, I won't be picking litter or scooping poop.  A day in the company of my delightful mother beckons.
When I first saw this I thought it was a broken parcel shelf flung from a car boot.  On closer inspection I wonder if it is something that has fallen off the undercarriage of a car?  One I guess that has ripped up one of the humped ladder roads so fast it's torn its sump off and dislodged this from its underbelly.  If something of this size clanged off my car in a built up area, I might be tempted to investigate.  It's still burning that it has been left on the side of the road though I haven't checked yet to see if its still there today.  Any one know with authority what it actually is?
Weston Park = dog poo central.


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