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I have already reproduced the excellent newsletter published by Crouch End's Liberal Democrat Councillors. Here I reproduce one of its sections for further examination.

Almost everyone in the world agrees that with te need we now have to consider the transmission of infection in everything we do that something has to change.

Exampes of this change include

Vilnius - the entire town centre has been pedestrianised - enabling street trading and out door dining

Rotterdam - the city authorities have sold or loaned specially designed platforms to businesses to enable outdoor spaces to be devoted to outdoor trading. They have also completely waived the cost of street trading licences.

Hackney has implemented many "modal filters" so that some streets are now pedestrian and cycle only. Many other boroughs have also done this.

Park Lane now has segregated cycle lanes.

And what has Haringey done? By comparison Sweet Fanny Adams. In Crouch End we have some hideous red and white barriers making pavements wider. That's it. For a 2 metre exclusion zone soon to be reduced to one, for a pandemic which is almost certainly not transmitted out of doors.

We have heard that Haringey has applied for some grants, but only the vaguest idea of what for, and with a tentative timetable for implementation in September.  Does 'Pathetic' sum it up.

The text below is from the LibDem circular

2.3 Safer Streets for walking and cycling, and supporting local businesses

We continue to push for safer streets, and new emergency infrastructure such as reduction in speed limits, pavement widening, temporary cycle lanes and filtering roads so cars can travel to, but not through, busy rat-runs. This is vital in aiding social distancing and creating safe spaces for travel, with public transport capacity severely reduced.

We are also calling on the council to create additional outside space through pavement widening for our hospitality businesses such as cafes. This additional space could be used for more tables and chairs, as the restrictions imposed by the government on these types of businesses means the number of patrons they can cater for indoors is drastically reduced. We also want to see a reduction in the license fees that business would have to pay to the council for outside tables and chairs so that they don't have an additional cost imposed.

It is vital these sorts of measures are quickly introduced if our local business are going to survive, and hopefully bounce bank to previous levels. High Streets are the hearts of many of our communities in Haringey, and Haringey Council must do everything it can to support them.

To ensure that the right changes are introduced in the right places should Haringey agree to our calls, please do take the time to engage with the following community engagement map, by adding your recommendations here: https://haringeystreetspaces.commonplace.is/

If you are unable to operate the map successfully please submit your comments to us with the exact location and we will upload these comments for you.

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