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I'm ashamed to say that, although I've lived in Crouch End for about 20 years, I have only just heard of Crouch End radio and must now do some research on their website then local opinions                    

radio is my first media love   I was a BBC news and current affairs journalist for nearly 40 years and my son now works on KBoo in Portland Oregon  

I would appreciate any comments on local radio?             SallyM

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why is this in shops, Adrian?

I think this radio station is quite new, so anyone can be forgiven for not having heard of it. It has kept going for a little while now so maybe it will survive. I think the costs of running an internet radio station are not too great, the problem is probably making it interesting. Crouchendradio's website gives more detail and a link to tuning in.

In 2011 there was an attempt to run a radio station in the area using the iconic BBC radio mast as a logo. OpinioN8 submitted a number of updates to the station before it was discontinued. You can hear/see these on OpinionN8's youtube channel - they are the ones date August, September and October 2011 with the blue OpinioN8 logo. There is also a depressingly prescient piece about the Mountview bid for Hornsey Town Hall.

Crouch End Radio is calling for local presenters - if you could lend your expertise,Sally, perhaps OpinioN8 could be one of them.

I tried to contact Crouch End Radio by filling in a form on their website but got a negative reply from the Crouch End Project which is of no interest     annoying!   Sally


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