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Life moves on and things change sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst.  The new post office in Crouch End is very different.  The internal space has been maximised for customers and a wider selection of basic stationery supplies can be found inside.   If there is a queue there is space inside rather than customers having to queue down the pavement, a big plus in my mind especially when it rains.

I have visited six times and found the service to be quick and attentive.  No more than three people in front of me.  The hours they are open are longer which I have found very useful on at least one occasion. There have been three to four till positions open on every visit and staff floating to help on the floor or behind other counters which will open as needed for other needs - stationary purchases, passports, photocopying etc.  

Excellent service. 


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So these chaps can relax then?

and these

Adrian are you being mischievous.  The campaigners below in the video simply got some of their facts wrong. 

The post office has not closed. 

The level of customer service is to date from my experience very efficient. 

I have observed training and don't have any objections to seeing young people being trained by experienced staff.  What I have also observed is a professional, respectful and a calm team. 

There are definitely more staff available. 

There is more internal space for customers to queue inside and I haven't seen a queue more than three deep so far perhaps that's because they are open for longer.   

I can't see any issues with mobility access but perhaps I am not the right person to comment on this aspect.    

The bottom line is the Post Office did not invest in our Crouch End local main busy post office. 

There's a revamped new kid (Post Office) in town and as with all types of businesses the public have the choice to use it or loose it.  

Do you mean, "The campaigners below in the video simply got some [all] of their facts wrong."?

Pure political opportunism. Like everything else lately.

Crouch End TV has done very little since, and nothing for a long time. No bad thing if what it was about to do would have been as bad as this.

So, if those people got their facts wrong does that mean I can stop believing in Norman's green initiatives and Catherine's Remain in the EU position. Obviously, I can, that's up to me, but I will use this dent to their credibility as justification for doing so.

And as for the bottom line, UOE have not been going very long in Crouch End. To me the shop part of the operation looks as though it's almost ready to open for business.

It is friendly & open....however the collection for post inside is at 4.30/4.45pm or thereabouts despite the PO being open until 6.pm. The Royal Mail van collector man told me to go to the postbox in Middle Lane to ensure it went off that evening!

I think, political issues aside, that this demonstrates why the old Royal Mail/Post Office Counters etc was such a dismal failure, rooted in the 1970's with outdated working practices to suit the staff rather than the public.  We demonstrated to save our sub-post offices which were sacrificed in order to let Vince Cable (when in coalition) to organise a privitisation sale by transferring the potential business to the Crown Post Offices - a sale at an undervalue as we thought at the time.  A vast improvement - but there is still a dispute between Royal Mail and this company as RM refused to reinstate the outside post boxes which is why the restriction on posting times inside - just how petty can a large business get?


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