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I felt quite proud when I was catching up on the Shit London website and discovered that our very own Crouch End had made the grade:


Haven't we all done well!

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Hornsey's in there, too, I've just seen.

I'm pretty sure that though the image may have been posted on that website little more than a week ago, that the Avery (and the cage with birds in it) went some time ago and where that sandwich board stood is now a patio. It's just possible that there was a hint of irony/humour in the spelling chosen? Given that the rest of it is so carefully done, you'd hope so. Obviously that applies to the grocery called Al Pacino's , the Hornsey entry, barring any extraordinary coincidence,

Another Crouch End entry on the website that picks out things that are wrong with London, is a comment on the Thaitanic and its naming policy, but nevertheless the restaurant is still open despite being too far up the hill for most of us to bother walking to. Obviously being a fan of odd spellings and N8 puns I like RejuveN8 at the Hornsey end of Middle Lane. I'm going off though the innumerable hairdressers all over the place called Hairport of which I believe Crouch End has none..

 Which reminds me of the story:

An Englishman, an Irishman and Scotsman went into a bar. And a Welshman and an American and a Frenchman and a German and a Filipino and a Brazilian and a Nigerian and an Icelander. And the barman said "It's no good , you can't come in without a Thai"

--and Wood Green on page 10.


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