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The Evening Standard estate agents supplement features Crouch End this week. "You’re never far from a cappuccino or wifi in this arty locale, where great cafés and schools pull in yummy mummies."

Headed with a cute photo of someone riding their bike on the pavement. Which is about right.

Fairly typically most of the property featured turns out to be in Hornsey.

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I haven't read these features before but if this about Crouch End is typical, I'm glad I haven't wasted my time!   their choice of restaurants would not be that of most CEs and no mention was made of the 2 buses without which our lives would not be possible!  

Got the bike rider dead right.  Another peril has now launched. I was shopping on Tottenham Lane on Tuesday last. As I came out of the shop, I managed to narrowly avoid being hit by a child on a scooter. The boy was travelling quite fast with his mother/au pair/nanny - whatever.  I jumped out of his way, the woman didn't seem too concerned when I explained to her how dangerous to pedestrians for even a small child to be riding that fast on a quite narrow bit of road. No response, it may well have been 'Am I bovvered?' if I had pursued the matter.


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