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Crouch End/Hornsey/Stroud GreenYour Area - Your Priorities Consultation


There is currently a Haringey consultation taking place called Crouch End/Hornsey/Stroud GreenYour Area - Your Priorities. We have an opportunity to make our views known


This is taking place because the new local area forum is backed up by an area committee of the nine councillors from the three wards which is a formally constituted body of the council with all the powers and responsibilities that entails.
The Haringey web page on which it appears was last updated on 21st October, the same day Sgt McGrath sent out an email urging a response. The closing date is 27th October. This seems quite a short consultation period.

The consultation is completely free format. It consists of a number of empty boxes to be filled in by respondents setting out priorities in the areas of

  • Crime and personal Safety, 
  • Health,    
  • Housing,    
  • Environment,    
  • Community and Engagement,    
  • Economy and jobs,
  • Everything else.


What's to be done
I'd like to see us, the voters, of these three wards taking this opportunity to state our views. If we do not take the opportunity the result may be interpreted as apathy.
I would very much like the local leaders of various organisations firstly, to get the consultation period extended and secondly, to mobilise opinion to get as many responses to this consultation as possible.

  • Our ward councillors as our elected leaders should take the lead and set up a series of meetings to inspire responses. But it should not stop there.

I live in Crouch End so my list of representative bodies is based in Crouch End but I'm sure there are corresponding bodies in Hornsey and Stroud Green.

  • The independent traders of Crouch End are a huge source of income for Haringey, and based on the business rates inflation based increase about to become more so. This group should organise a response.
  • The Crouch End Project and the Crouch End Traders Asociation surely must have views on this local plan. This is a chance to express the views often and formally.
  • Sgt McGrath of the Safer Neighbourhood Team has sent out an email soliciting responses - I am sure many would follow the lead of such an influential local figure.
  • The Fairground Collective wants to bring a public building back into use - this ambition should be added to the plan.
  • The Meadow Orchard Project does splendid work in a meadow behind the new Hornsey health centre - this is a chance to express genuinely 'green' green ideas.
  • Food from the Sky and GreenN8 could take a lead in similar vein.
  • The unlibrary already has good links with Haringey and a membership, each of whom could express a view as to what else needs to be done.
  • Crouch End Open Studios runs a successful event each year based around the arts - how should this be reflected in the plan?
  • Crouch End Creatives has ambitions to run events based around the arts - what realistically could they ask for - this should be fed into the plan.
  • Crouch End for People has strong views on parking and Hornsey Town Hall - this is a chance to get them built into the plan.
  • Haringey Community Circles wants to take part in a rebuilding after the riots - the local plan should reflect this.
  • All of us living in these wards, even if not members of one of these groups has strong views about something: the provision of school places; the building over of backlands; developers' plans to increase housing density; controlled parking; GPs and dentists.

This consultation is not a once and for all chance to express a view but it is a very good one. I suggest that our councillors in combination with groups such as those I have listed should get together to make sure the response is a good one.

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The closing date has now been extended to 18th November.
Under the heading of 'crime and personal safety' I will suggest that more initiatives such as "bother a burglar" and the 'Uninsured drivers in London operation by Metropolitan Police' campaign which are genuinely preventive be given priority.


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