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I wrote recently about the HMO licensing scheme for Haringey . I was a little taken aback that the quiet area I live in should be picked out as one of those most in need of government supervision. So I wrote and asked why. I got this in response

Dear Mr Essex


Sorry for the delay in coming back to you.  Please see below, the breakdown provided by the analyst:


The LSOA in Crouch End (E01001990) is in fact the highest scoring of all LSOAs, due to it scoring highest for ASB [anti social behaviour] and 5th highest for crime. It also scores highly for direct response complaints (13th highest), pest complaints (26th highest), flytips (16th highest) and noise complaints (3rd highest).


The LSOA in Stroud Green [my mistake, that should read Hornsey] (E01002065) is the 29th highest scoring LSOA. It scores 19th highest for crime and 28th highest for ASB. It also scores 25th highest for HMO [houses in multiple occupation] complaints and 28th highest for NAT [noise?] complaints.


Please bear in mind that we selected LSOAs that had equal to or higher than the London average for private sector housing – the London average is currently 26%.


I seem to recall that when we discussed the two areas when you popped into the drop in session, it was clear that part of the area/s contained properties above shops.  This type of property can attract more problems and therefore be subject to a higher number of complaints.


I hope the above is helpful.


So my little bit of Crouch End is an absolute hot spot of all that is bad about living in bed sit land. Swipe me.

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