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This email just recieved from The Local Lib Dems

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The Lib Dems backed the Turnpike Lane/Alexandra Palace station route for Crossrail 2 because we want to see the Palace flourish. We also believe Turnpike Lane needs regeneration and provides better interchanges, making it a better choice for Crossrail 2.

That is a view very clearly backed by local residents who responded to the Crossrail 2 consultation.

In the Crossrail 2 consultation:

·         85% of comments received about a Crossrail 2 Station at Turnpike Lane were supportive

·         80% of comments received about a Crossrail 2 Station at Alexandra Palace were supportive

·         In comparison only 28% of comments received about a Crossrail 2 Station at Wood Green were supportive, with 68% of comments expressing concerns

The results are very similar to our Lib Dem survey of local residents which found 78.5% of local residents who responded, backed the Alexandra Palace/Turnpike Lane route and only 21.5% backed the Wood Green Station route.

I hope Crossrail 2, the Conservative Government and Labour-run Haringey Council will listen to the public. The Labour-run Council have been arguing for Crossrail to run through Wood Green Station. The National Infrastructure Commission has suggested delaying the local branch of Crossrail 2 but we think it should go ahead as originally planned with stations at Alexandra Palace and Turnpike Lane.

Haringey Lib Dems also raised concerns about the plans for a construction shaft on Downhills Park and the impact it will have on local residents. We have urged Crossrail 2 to consider alternative locations on brownfield sites in the area and to limit the impact of construction work on local residents. In the Crossrail 2 Consultation report, 74% of comments on the shaft raised concerns.

We will continue to keep you up to date on developments with Crossrail 2.

Cllr Gail Engert
Haringey Lib Dem Leader of the Opposition

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This post is interesting, but I don't know when the Lib Dem email arrived, as that particular boat has sailed, oops, train has left the station. The National Infrastructure Commission recommendation to the Chancellor, who endorsed the proposal in the March budget, includes cost savings to Crossrail 2. These eliminate the north-western branch (Ally Pally, etc) completely. There are more details here


It will be interesting to get updates from all on where they think we go next. Or not, as seems to be the case now.


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