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As some forum members will know, I created a bit of a stink last Spring about dog fouling in Crouch End. 
I launched a campaign of fluffiness and determination to try and highlight the revolting problem blighting the streets and parks where our children walk and play and was almost arrested for some of my tactics http://opinion8.ning.com/forum/categories/cupcakes-guerilla-antidog...
Many of you will have noticed the increase of dog fouling, dogs without leads and dogs in the playground area of Stationers Park.  None of these things are permitted in the park, yet fewer people seem to take notice, particularly since the park keeper left.
Haringey are planning to introduce dog control orders across Haringey that would make it illegal and punishable for dog owners not to pick up after their dogs and not to obey the laws in parks they visit. 

These proposals involve designating parks or part of them as areas where dogs can be:


They also propose a borough-wide order making it an offence to fail to clean up after your dog.

If you follow this link to the Council's website, http://www.haringey.gov.uk/dogcontrol, you can see the different kinds of dog control orders proposed and, if you'd like to comment on what you think would be appropriate for Stationers (or indeed any of Haringey's parks), email the frontline address below.

Haringey Council Consultation - reply by 19th March to:




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I wonder if it might also be possible to designate certain areas of parks as middle class parent and child free?

Very witty, Rubber Teepee and your suggestion is not fanciful.

A good example of an area free of those irritatingly fastidious middle-class parents-and-children would be Tottenham, last summer.  Now *that* was lots and lots of fun, wasn't it?

@ L. Riblin: I happen to know that there were loads of middle class parents and children in Tottenham last summer, some of which are my friends. And they were terrified. I'm not sure where you're going with this comment?

I'm sure Rubber Teepee's comments is tongue in cheek. Some people find dogs a niusance, others are not that keen on middle class parents and children. Parks should be for both. And everyone should learn to be considerate.

I public parks I have stepped in dog poo. Irritating. And smelly. I have been squirted with an out of control little darling's waterpistol, right in the eye. Also irritating. And paiful.

That's my point.


I'm going off topic here. Sorry.

There has been yet another report released today about the Tottenham riots - according to this extract local residents were not the only people in fear of their lives, the police were too.

Perhaps Anette will find this a good opportunity to respond to this, a sort of pre-consultation consultation on dog control orders. There will be further opportunities to respond in May.


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