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As some forum members will know, I created a bit of a stink last Spring about dog fouling in Crouch End. 
I launched a campaign of fluffiness and determination to try and highlight the revolting problem blighting the streets and parks where our children walk and play and was almost arrested for some of my tactics http://opinion8.ning.com/forum/categories/cupcakes-guerilla-antidog...
Many of you will have noticed the increase of dog fouling, dogs without leads and dogs in the playground area of Stationers Park.  None of these things are permitted in the park, yet fewer people seem to take notice, particularly since the park keeper left.
Haringey are planning to introduce dog control orders across Haringey that would make it illegal and punishable for dog owners not to pick up after their dogs and not to obey the laws in parks they visit. 

These proposals involve designating parks or part of them as areas where dogs can be:


They also propose a borough-wide order making it an offence to fail to clean up after your dog.

If you follow this link to the Council's website, http://www.haringey.gov.uk/dogcontrol, you can see the different kinds of dog control orders proposed and, if you'd like to comment on what you think would be appropriate for Stationers (or indeed any of Haringey's parks), email the frontline address below.

Haringey Council Consultation - reply by 19th March to:




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I can confess to a heresy - I'm not very keen on dogs.

I agree that it is unpleasant and unsightly to see heaps of dog muck lying on pavements, but I'm not sure that it isn't worse to see people following dogs around clutching bags of poo.

Having admitted to my peculiar distastes, I would never set out to harm a poor dumb creature, so it pains to me see the current crop of young men who have acquired pit bull like dogs as extensions of their masculinity (they can't afford a Porsche so they get a pooch).  Many of these young men clearly have no feeling whatsoever for their 'pets'. You see them , for example, dragged upstairs on a bus by sheer force using the lead and collar. Discipline consists solely (in public) of slaps and shouts. I don't think any of the control orders will prevent the wrong people owning dogs for the wrong reasons.

I'm informed it has curbed the problem to some extent round Hammersmith and Fulham.

Why were dog licenses discontinued? 

They were discontinued because the price of a dog license had not been increased for years, and inflation had eroded the real price. The cost of administering the scheme had started to far out run the revenue for it. The Government had a choice between a large, real, increase so as to be no longer making a loss, or abandoning it.

Thank you.

I have been e-mailing the council about this for over a month!  I was told that dog mess should be picked up by Veolia on their scheduled sweep of the road - this is clearly not happening!!! You only need to walk along Weston Park to notice that.  I was also told that if I reported dog mess then it would be cleaned up within 24 hours - this is also not happening!  I have been reporting dog mess on a regular basis to Veolia - so they now choose to ignore my requests.  It would really help if I was not the only person reporting it.

I would like to set up a Crouch End Clean Up After Your Dog Campaign - to highlight the public health risks posed by dog fouling, especially for young children.

Anyone interested in joining me?

Lucia, who have you been emailing? Name and shame here. I believe Brian Ellick is the man to contact: brian.ellick@haringey.gov.uk. If Veolia are not doing what they're supposed to they need to be reported. I'm moving to CE from the Ladder in a few months, and dog mess is just one of the many problems we have over there, so have a little bit of experience in pestering the council..

Thanks for your help.  I will e-mail him now!!!

Veolia have a contractual obligation to clean up dog mess reported within 24 hours. 

If anyone else wants to report dog mess and help make the streets a safer place for our children - put this number in your mobile phone - 0208 8857700

Any ideas about how I can drum up interest for a campaign? 

You could resurrect my cupcake campaign - it got a lot of publicity this time last year. Spring time would be the right time to get going.  Check out the dog poo threads for inspiration. I'm happy to hand over the baton as I'm back at work now and haven't got the time to pound the streets looking for poo to report but on the days I have done the school run, there's plenty about!


Is there an email too for the dog poo reporting? I seem to remember something where you could take a picture and send it to an email address with a location. Or something like that!



Love Clean Streets is  a smartphone app for reorting fly tipping, graffiti, uneven pavements, dog poo etc. I'm pretty sure Haringey was signed up to it but there seem only to have been 13 report of problems in Haringey in the last 12 months. I did use it a couple of times - once seemed to be successful to clear some carpet from Weston Park, 

Haringey has its own Report a Problem page with a surprising number of categories. One of the sub headings is "Street Cleaning" which is where I would put dog poo reports

Great, thanks Adrian. I'll have a go with the Love Clean Streets app.



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