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As someone who's lived on Elder Avenue for ages, it is such a crying shame to see the current state of the Earl Haig building. Not only is it falling into disrepair, the forecourt has become a complete eyesore - overgrown with weeds and piled with debris that has been dumped there, and unfortunately people sitting there drinking at nights and early morning... Does anyone have an update on what is happening? Or an idea whose responsibility it is to maintain its upkeep?

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I live on Fairfield Road and I was informed today that there is a license application on the door of the hall from Antic Ltd.  I would oppose this as I think it would be a shame to have the hall turn into another pub, when we already have the Queens but I thought that it was safe guarded for community use.  Also, from doing some further research I have discovered that the Council have granted a sui generis application from Andrew Goldstone to use the site for leisure and community purposes which is great news.  So, does anyone know what is happening.  The owner of the site can't seem to build, Antic are doing a license application and there is a planning application granted for sui generis use?

I'd like to get involved as a I am concerned about the noise of a 1.30am license that Antic may get (I have two young kids).  I'd be happy to get involved in a campaign against this application, so can you tell me if anyone is leading this or who I can talk to, to get more info?  My details btw are 07976793666 or mikilentin@fastmail.co.uk

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

Miki Lentin

I'd think twice before opposing Antic's application. Because

1) a pub is a sort of community hub - used to be the darts team , the Sunday morning football, the charabanc outing and the Christmas club. Now its the quiz team, and the charity fun run group

2) Antic is not a bad pub group - look at the links above - these are not bad places - catering to a meal eating, board game playing clientele. Having another pub net door to the Queen's will not turn Elder Avenue into Brighton town centre. Antic own the Stapleton at the other end of Crouch Hill.

3) The 1:30 licensing hours will not necessarily reflect the opening hours - most of the pubs in Crouch End have these sort of permissions but do not keep all the hours possible - see here

4) If Antic can't get a licence then CAWD will demolish the place by stealth, the government will relax the planning laws, and you'll have a huge block of flats to deal with

Hi Adrian

Thanks for your note - I have to admit I couldn't disagree more.  As a family I'm not really inclined to have two pubs next door to each other for my young kids to be near.  One is more than plenty, the balance of late night drinking will move down to our end of CE and I'm not sure I can agree to the noise, mess and rubbish this will create.  Whilst I am sceptical about CAWD's plans, apartments with some social housing would be more than preferable.  I will object and plan to also bring up with the local councillor.


Miki Lentin

A planning application has been submitted to the council to demolish building for housing. You can view the planning application on Haringey's planning portal. The reference code is HGY/2012/1897


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