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Having just dropped off my daughter at her nursery school and witnessed yet another little person in tears having her beautiful new red shiny shoes cleaned of dog muck, I've posted our campaign to Phil Spencer.  (Thanks for the info Adrian).

Phil has launched a Clean Up Britain campaign in association with Karcher, a high pressure hose with a mission to clean the world but I'd like them to help clean up N8. It should lend some support to our campaign.

I noticed that in the cold light of day that my attempted chalk daubings on the wall surrounding Statoners Park have not been completely removed.  This particular Cupcake does not want to be up before the beak, accused of criminal damage so I need a "Karcher" to come and blast away the chalk residue. 

If I am banged up though, I suppose you OpinioN8-ers could send me a cake with a file in it!

Further exciting news (never thought I'd be using that word in context with dog poo) is that the Ham&High are covering the story and we're meeting for a photo session this afternoon. 

Am I ready for my close-up?


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Have just had my photoshoot.  Being snapped removing poo and drawing cupcakes in its place - it's glamour, glamour, glamour!

Have decided to rename the project "The Crouch End Cakewalk" in a nod to the ridiculous dance you have to do to avoid stepping in piles.  Looking forward to seeing how they cover the story...watch this space.

A brief clip from the PDSA (poo dodging society of america) on precisely the technique Cupcake refers to. The high stepping awkward length steps are an obvious technique to adopt, but the leap frog poo straddling approach is much more socially co-operative in nature. Using a convenient supply of advancing and retreating water has an obvious cleansing benefit.

This is so fantastic - exactly how Isabelle and I walk to and from nursery every morning!  Will have to get someone to film us.

I love this and could watch it all day.


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