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In its attempts to simplify the way we do things the government has introduced the CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy). This is a way of getting money from developers at the very outset of a development. It is wonderfully simple, apart from:

1) the differential charging structure

2) the multi-layers of recipient (e.g. both the Mayor and Haringey will receive the levy)

3) the mismatch between the planning system use classes and the CIL definitions

4) an entirely new requirement for developers to complete forms

5) a system of exemptions

Haringey wants you to have an opinion - apparently there is a consultation running until May 24th, though I can't find it on the website but her's a related page http://www.haringey.gov.uk/cil

Our Lib Dem Councillors have sent out this email:

Dear Crouch Ender
I am dropping you a line about a consultation that is going on about Haringey's proposed Community Infrastructure Levy. Many of you will have been involved in planning applications and will remember much talk of s106 money and planning gain. What is under discussion is a more structured way to formalise the current system of assessing and charging developers for the impact on our community that follows from their developments.
As the introduction on the website says ..
Under the Planning Act 2008, the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) was introduced in April 2010. It is a new levy, which allows local authorities in England and Wales to fund infrastructure by charging on new developments, based on the size and type of the new developments in their area. The money can be used to support growth by paying for a wide range of infrastructure that is needed as a result of new development. This infrastructure will include things like parks, schools, community facilities, health facilities and leisure centres.
The reaction of some residents to this email will be eye rolling and wonder why they bothered electing councillors!
For others it will be a chance to comment on what Haringey is doing (either directly or via Paul and I). You might be concerned at the level of charges (too high, too low?) what the money can and should be spent on and, indeed, where it should be spent. You might also feel that the community affected should have a greater role in how the charge is levied.
If you do decide to write to Haringey, do copy us in.
David Winskill and Paul Strang
Councillors for Crouch End


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