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... by opening in good time.

'Here' (ex-Bouga etc.) have announced that today is the grand opening of their upscale cafe-restaurant. You could blow me down. God knows how much the delay cost them in money and nervous complaints. Sincerely wish them best of luck.

'Small Beer' (ex-Henry Reader, etc.) has announced that they will definitely open in December.

The 'Harringay Arms' (ex-Harringay Arms) is now under re-construction. And,

'Bufala di Londra' (ex-Broadway Fish Bar, etc.) must surely be imminent.

I refuse to mention Middeys until the moment I see the coffee brewing.

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While Christmas might be a good time for sales it's likely that taxation, Deliveroo, government health warnings , online shopping a... will do for the pubs (again , in both these cases), and the arrival of umpteen food and beverage blandnesses in the Town Hall will pick off the restaurants in due course. Perhaps the demise of Muddy Boots has depressed me more than usual. There was a time when I'd simply have had a few pints (or more) and ceased caring, but as I slip beyond my middle years neither my brain nor my bladder can cope any more with what I had always regarded as a universal panacea.


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