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Budgens "Concept Store" Opening in Crouch End

According to talkingretail.com, Budgens will be opening  a "concept store" in Crouch End in March. There's an article about it on the Talking Retail website.

Has anyone heard anything about this? Will they be renovating their existing store on the Broadway, or will they be opening a new store?  


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Haven't heard anything but it doesn't sound too radical. I Imagine the store will get a bit of a facelift. The article references more fresh products, a bakery and more locally produced food plus free wifi and a Free Coffee Friday (competition for Waitrose there!).

It sounds like it might be going back a bit to how it was when Andrew Thornton used to run it - it's lost its way a bit since then

There's an article here about the Budgen's in Broadstone, the first concept store 

A bakery would surely be superfluous, given Budgen's carries Dunn's products already and has Gails', Sable D'Or and Coffee Cake as nearby rivals (and Gregg's and the one right next door). Free wifi only appeals if there is a cafe to sit and browse from. Organising shelves so I don't have to think about what to combine for lunch seems a good plan.

Andrew Thornton continues apace with his innovations

they seem to have quietly closed down their rooftop vegetable garden -- haven't they? if this is true, it's a shame: the mixed salad was very good. 

Yeah, Food from the Sky has gone. They tweeted the news this weekend. It was inevitable, I suppose.

Thanks for comment on the Food from the Sky mixed salad. Yes it was delicious! I used to volunteer there, it was a wonderful experiencce I'll never forget. 

The builders have actually started.


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