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I'm a newbie - so apologies if this has been addressed before - but I am ready to quit trying with Budgens... I really want to support them, but hate the shopping experience... Despite mostly friendly staff, the management seem sadly inept/uncaring and I'd rather head to Waitrose/Tesco.

Friday night @ 6.45pm, with loaded basket and already queuing at the checkout for 10 mins... the computer systems go down, resulting in cashiers only being able to accept cash payment.  Despite requests to "management" to announce this on the PA system... nothing was done.  I was lucky that I had cash in wallet for once - otherwise I would have had to abandon shopping....  felt bad for lines of people after me.

Flash forward to next day.... 6.30pm on a Saturday...  I counted 5 cashiers open.. and each one had at least 10 people queueing - whilst 5 or so cash registers were unoccupied... customers appeared to be largely patient/tolerant/apathetic..... but it's a pattern that I'm beginning to wish to avoid.  I really want to support Budgens, but they make it so damn hard!

Surely I cant be the only one feeling this way????

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I think I must've been in there on the same evening - and was thankful I had enough cash on me that I didn't have to leave... 

I appreciate the feedback from Andrew, and I'm still shopping there but mainly out of a strange sense of loyalty.  I also experienced the Belsize Park store recently and was amazed how different it felt - very much more "up market" and really pleasant experience.     Even with the crowds at Waitrose, I enjoy the shopping experience more and feel the lines move quickly enough that even they don't bother me. 

Anyway - now that I've vented and got it out of my system there doesn't seem a lot more to add...


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