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A huge for sale board has gone up outiside the now disused building. See here  I did hear a rumour that it is already sold to adeveloper. It is not a listed building so there will probably not be any problem getting it demolished even though it is in a conservation area. Currently it is d2 use which reads
Cinemas, music and concert halls

Dance, sports halls, swimming baths, skating rinks, gymnasiums

Other indoor and outdoor sports and leisure uses, bingo halls, casinos


 A block of flats on this site as tall as the Queen's would make a difference to Elder Avenue.


Crouch Enders should form a consortium, buy it for the community and open a cinema.

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I think it's a great shame that this asset to the community was not publicised more - so that people could have enjoyed it. I cringe at the thought of yet more over-priced flats in Crouch End and the drain on already over-stretched resources.
The decline of the British Legion branch in Crouch End was fairly well documented in the Hornsey Journal. I suspect this does imply relatively little publicity - http://www.pressgazette.co.uk/story.asp?sectioncode=1&storycode... this article suggests that the paper had a circulation of 4,243 just over a year ago. The publicity was enough to postpone the end, but evidently not enough to effect a cure.

I have rung the agents who assure me the property is on the market - they are asking for offers in excess of £750,000. Strettons have not approached Haringey to discuss either change of use nor the likelihood of demolition being allowed. ("What use are estate agents?" is another topic)

Now £750,000 is a lot of money, and sounds even more if you say three quarters of a million. But houses in Weston Park are changing hands for double this to cash buyers. This building is licensed for public entertainment including a cinema - I wonder if Crouch Enders want a cinema enough actually to do something practical about it - the evidence from the Town Hall survey was that a cinema would be a popular option. Obviously that is not the only possible use for the building.

Given the reach of the internet and by combining our collective email lists is this a collective cause worth pursuing??
Haringey is currently reviewing the register of locally listed buildings.

The Earl Haig Memorial Hall would surely be a good addition.

This map shows the current list of proposed additions and removals. Apparently Moselle Cottages and some building in New Road have been demolished or removed. Does this cast any doubt on the efficacy of the listing?

View Locally Listed buildings in a larger map
View Locally Listed buildings in a larger map
According to the strettons website this hall is now under offer. Anyone have any gossip on who might be offering?
here is a no news item about the British Legion in Elder Avenue Crouch End


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