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There are a couple of planning applications in this week, for the shop front and some signs. Perhaps this means the required funding has transpired.

I'm not so sure about the planning application though. I've just taken this photo using the panorama option. This parade is a mess. Edith's looks like a chicken hutch cobbled together from bits of old chicken huthch. The Jeweller's isn't too bad. The windows on the first floor above bouga are hideous pvc anachronisms, and had anyone ever applied for planning permission for them surely it would have been refused. Foto is not too bad, avoiding the huge expanses of plate glass, and Seks is a positive joy. 

What the new proprietor is proposing though has its faults. It does include the vast expanse of plate glass with no hint of the lines of the rest of the building. It introduces mock-tudor faux-leaded lights, red bricks with black pointing and blue bricks with white pointing. Adding to the mish mash is not the way to go. I feel compelled to lodge an objection.

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For info, 'Here' Crouch End stuck a message up on their crowdfunder site a few weeks ago -

A new message from herecrouchend

Dear All,

At last I can give you a concrete update about our progress in 1 Park Rd. It hasn't gone as smoothly as we’d hoped! But we will get there… it just wasn't as quickly as we’d have liked.

Firstly there was more work to be done than we had thought so we have had lots of conversations with the landlord as a result. We're delighted that this week we’ve finally found a solution. We’ve also had approval for the designs.

Secondly we've had visitors. The unwelcome kind. But having done a crash course in squatter eviction we served them notice last week and they have now gone.

So NOW we can begin :) Over the next month or so the utilities will go in (can you believe there is no gas or electricity!) and the remedial works will be done. Then we’ll get onto the creative bit.

We’ll keep you posted about launch date. We’re very much looking forward to seeing you in HERE Crouch End soon.


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