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Ive just heard that Bouga will become, yes you have guessed it, a fried chicken place. so the place has been closed for years, creates a warm, sewage smell in the summer from all the leftover crap in it and is an eyesore on the high street. We will get exactly the same but replace sewage with chicken!

Maybe we will get a McDonalds to go with the burger king and a pizza take out place to compliment the intake of fast food. Is this what people want these days? crappy, congealed fat filled, high cholesterol, cheap, mass processed food?

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Can you point us to the source of your information, please. There is a burger place opening where Verso used to be, on what seems to be the newly revitalised strip running from the Queen's/Dixy up to the Ferme Park Road roundabout. They are advertising for someone to run a kitchen! Perhaps the chicken place will be similarly up market, suitable even for us in Crouch End.

I've also noticed that the behind the ugly shutters in what was BG Max/Nite Flite/The Dandy Lion the interior has been completely gutted.

There is a sort of upmarket chicken and chips place in Muswell Hill which in the day is usually empty. It might be something like that.

If it's anything like Chooks or the flipping amazing Chicken Shop in Kentish Town/Tooting, then brilliant. If it's anything like Dixy Chicken then, yeah, not the best news. Still though, much better than a run-down, collapsing shop covered in graffiti.

I just can't imagine a chicken shop will be very nice, unfortunately. I was hoping for something a little less Green Lanes.. :(

TBH, it looks like Bouga will become, yes you have guessed it, another empty unit with owners who appear to have no money to complete renovations.


There's no sign of any activity inside, meaning it'll join Honeymoon as another money pit which will remain closed.


Not sure why people take on such projects, only to leave them dormant for years. Surely any owner/bank would need a business plan in place before handing over the keys? Very frustrating for us locals.

Bouga Update...................Estate agents 

A friend was part of a group looking to take the lease on Bouga only to be told the landlord sold the property to the highest bidder at the very last minute. 

Seems the hassle of turning around a derelict, debt ridden property was too much to ask. So he sold it.......... 

Shame. It's such a hole that place. Still though, at least the old landlord has sold up...

At least if someone's bought it then they will have to do something with it, right? They can't possibly just let it sit there and rot, so surely this is a good thing? 


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