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Block B buggers up listed library landscape - #HTHbaddeal

Apparently the before and after images have been released by FEC

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That's Block A. That was Block A. That's Block A. That was Block A. That's Block A. That was Block A. That's Block A. That was Block A. That's Block A. That was Block A. That's Block A. That was Block A. That's Block A. That was Block A. That's Block A. That was Block A. That's Block A. That was Block A. That's Block A. That was Block A. 

Thanks for the piccies.

If the angle had have been changed a tad by taking the pictures further along Haringey Park by about thirty yards to the west, the before would have clearly shown the rear of the Grade II*HTH Tower with its trade mark slots that stretch down the east face from the vents at the top.

When built, both residential blocks will inhibit the view of the full tower  ... unless you live in one of the flats! Only the occasional glimpse will be available to plebs.

Another local Grade II* listed building is not far away at the top of Hornsey High Street - the Tower of St Mary's.

About 400 meters down the road is one of the brand new blocks of Smithfield Square. This one is seven storeys and has retail space on the ground floor.

Block A is also seven storeys andwill be slightly lower than its sister in Hornsey. Unlike its sister, it will be only about 20 meters from the rear of Hornsey Town Hall.

I  think that it is incomprehensible how Heritage England seems to have nodded this through.

From Ye Hornsey Journal, November 1291:

Residents are up in arms over plans to build a new church tower which will be several storeys higher than its surrounding neighbours. One resident sayeth " This tower is far too high and will overlook our hovels and take our light. The continuous bell-ringing will be intolerable". A local yeoman, Mr Effexe, sayeth "the tower will provide accommodation for only one family of bats; this is not enough affordable housing. Furthermore I have discovered that the ultimate owner of the tower is registered in an off-shore tax haven called Vatican City." Despite protests the building has been approved. The Mayor said "in centuries to come, people will wonder what all the fuss was about".


Actually there is a problem in comparing HTH to Smithfield Square in that it demonstrates that 7 storeys is sometimes allowable in a Conservation Area. If the planners deem the Conservation Area as okay vis-a-vis height, and see the resi development at HTH as simply "round the back, unseen from the front", then Bob's your uncle.

And the thing is, that is exactly the case made by the developers. This is the reason why they lowered the height of Block B by the seemingly unimportant 900mm, ie. so you can't see it from the Broadway.

...sorry, PS. It's also the reason why I went out of the way to sing the praises of the rear elevation of the TH. If that is seen as an important listed feature, then it should be protected from harmful development.

 Mr Effexe also said ". . . . and not only that but the Church will collect tithes out of my possessions to pay for the new building and to enrich itself and to ensure El Papa remains firmly in office". Luckily that couldn't couldn't happen nowadays, no one would dare to divert the public's money to their own personal gain.

I think this should be the theme of our Christmas party. Twas 1291 and the Cruch End Serf's Vestry were revolting...


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