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Bizarre non-sequiturs in Labour's Latest pre-election bumf - what a pickle

I received a bizarre pre-election leaflet from the Labour Party through my letter box yesterday. 

Oddity number 1 - Public Spaces - Crouch End is recognised by Haringey to be short of green spaces. Yet the outgoing administration sold the Town Hall Square to a Chinese Company. Now the wannabes are describing the area around the clock tower as a public space. They say draft proposals are online. There are a few words of text on the Haringey website but you have to read between the lines to figure out what they mean. As far as I know the only detail available is in this liveable neighbourhoods document, released semi-officially.

This hasn't won me over to their cause

Oddity Number 2 - under the heading 'Accountability' they make great reference to Islington's rubbish collection service, and imply that what Veolia do in Haringey is not 'under council control'. This feels like a non-sequitur.

Oddity Number 3 - Fairness Commission - if after continuous Labour administrations in Harinegy since 1971 unfairness is so rife that we need a Fairness Commission, then please let's have someone else in charge.

The picture below is the latest item from the Crouch End Labour Blog which helps to illustrate just what a pickle they have got themselves in

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As it goes I just, belatedly, posted a couple of blogs on oddity number one.



I wonder how it'll all play out with our bright-as-a-button new councillors?


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