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Banger Bros - nevr really opened did it - but it seems to have been let again

I saw some decoration going on at what never really was Banger Bros on the corner of Elder Avenue and  Topsfield Parade. Someone did suggest there was a planning application for showing films at this address but I haven't found that on the Haringey website. The gentlemen doing the painting professed not to know who had taken it over as they changed it from pale grey to dark grey.

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that site is jinxed i think!  there have been so many restaurants  there over the years - all be it they have all been pretty rubbish though!  As we passed last night we were trying to think of what crouch end could do with - didn't come up with anything, just what we don't need - nail bars, estate agents or another coffee shop!

I wasn't going to mention the jinx, I thought it might be tempting fate and rebound somehow on me, but there is no doubt that it exists. Given the decreasing lifespans of the occupants of the place it seems to be gathering strength.

In respect of what Crouch End does need I have recently mentioned what it already has in the way of innovative activities and started to think a bit about what might make a difference

From Twitter
PhilipN810:50am via Twitter for iPad

Former Banger Bros to be new French restaurant apparently.

Though he doesn't reveal his sources.

I'll give it 6 months. We don't need another French restaurant.

I don't think the site is jinxed, I just think the businesses that have opened up there have had very poor strategies and totally missed their audiences. Eg Banger Bros - N8 is full of parents with young kids and a ton of cafe choices, why would anyone want to take their kids to a specialist sausage restaurant ! The kids didnt want it, and the parents didnt want it....

Example of a business that has got it spot on in terms of giving the audience what it wants (even if the prices are inflated) - Spiazzos

Surely it's not that hard - look at your target market in N8, work out what they want, and then build it....

An adult version of Banners might work (no kids - I presume there are peeps in CE that don't have them LOL?).

The site wasn't always jinxed. There used to be a fantastic Thai restaurant there - Penang Penang. Always busy. I wept when the folks there retired. It never worked after that.

It would be nice if the developers of the site took the time to wander around crouch end and think, 'hmmm, what is there an abundance of?' Coffee shops, artisan bakers, nail bars, turkish greengrocers, charity shops and estate agents. I can imagine a massive collective crouch end face palm if another coffee shop or bakers opens here. Who's idea was it to open that cheap bakers next to Budgens too? It looks like a 'Sayers' from the 90's.

The Italian delicatessen which has just opened verges on the fine line between necessity and surplus to requirements. The guys in there are great though and for a quick lunch it is very nice.

I agree with Bobby N8, I don't think we need another french restaurant like AIX, St James or even the Bistro down on hornsey high street (which I love indecently), Although, if they could change it slightly. Maybe, it would be nice if it was a bit more like a French brasserie. So, not expensive but nice, good, quick French cooking that you could eat during the day as well as evening. Pression ceramic beer taps and brass work. You know what I mean. Oh, hang on, that's what I want to own! Ooops!

I don't know. I'm originally from up North and the amount of 'stuff' they have crammed into a small high st is just incredible. Saying Crouch End 'needs' something is like saying the Crown Jewels need more diamonds.

had forgotten the name of that fab thai place! Used to go in there when first moved to C end -  also used to love  the Bouzy rouge - French wine bar that did fab nibbles -  where Gails now is!

i would like a decent toy shop - Word play  or Woolies basically!  ! want to be able to buy lego, puzzles and board games - nothing against Soup Dragon and Rubadubdub but they do not supply what i want for an 8 year old boy's party present!  instead i end up in Brent Cross or on amazon.........

I miss Woolies, I think it would be great if it was a Strada a great Pizza place would be fab. I love the look and feel of Spiazzo but the reality of the food and coffee on offer is abysmal. I wish it would become a huge strada! 

Strada???? No way!

Nick, I was struck by your turn of phrase so I've started another discussion based on it.


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