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I walked by today with my camera and never noticed, but the Spriggan did. The Spriggan is looking forward to it!

Bamboo Burger getting ready for the big launch next to Subway, 18 Topsfield Parade . Finally post-pub grub!

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I have to say the sign does not bode well. It looks pretty tacky
Clearly postmodern irony. Is sure to be excellent. When you see the effort and craft that has gone into the sign, it explains why it is taking so long to get the place open.

And there was me thinking/hoping it was going to be a Dirty Burger.


Looks pretty horrendous...

According to this, Dirty Burger is still planning to come to CE -http://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2015/may/24/premium-burger...

Perhaps Dirty Burger like to keep things under wraps until the last minute and Bamboo Burger is a front?! Or perhaps not...

And now the interior

It is now open. Went past at about 3.30 and it was empty bar one table of customers and one bored staff member who clearly couldn't be bothered to clean the dirty tables in the window. Not exactly enticing. 


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