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Arts Council Supported Projects in Finsbury Park 2021 - post lockdown

There's a revival going on post lockdown. And our government is putting funds into it through all sorts of routes including the Arts Council. Here are a couple of the initiatives happening in Finsbury Park.

1) The People's Park Plinth

This uses Finsbury Park as a sort of elaborate plinth on which to display art works. Access to it is through your smart phone using the QR code in the pictures (or this link https://peoplesparkplinth.org/ ).

There will be three art works, in May , June and July respectively.

Of May's offering the website says:

"A site specific, interactive sound work creating moments of connection between strangers of all species. 

Follow this sound work as it leads you across the park to meeting points for animals, plants and strangers. As you listen, consider the needs of all these inhabitants and our symbiotic relationship that is increasingly under threat. Between heartbeats, vibrations and the alignment of crossing paths, this work sounds out a shared existence, putting these moments of connectivity with strangers of all species on the People’s Park’s Plinth.

In this first artwork for the People’s Park Plinth on display during the summer of 2021, one pathway ‘Close to the ground’ is operational. If this work is selected in a public vote in August 2021, further pathways and interactivity will be developed.

and goes on to give more explanation. These are pictures from the Furtherfield building by the children's playground

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Another Arts Council supported project has been proposed by Assembled Gala, an events promoter granted £271,000 by the Arts Council.

What they claim to be offering is a low key music based event , to take place on the prime piece of park adjoining the McKenzie Garden, the Athletics Track and the Alpha Dog club training area,

But their license application shows just 2 or 3 hours a day of music, which is dwarfed by a huge 9 hours of alcohol sales.

And this low key event will accommodate 700 customers at any one time , Wednesday to Sunday , from May 17th to September 17th , a very substantial 17 week presence.

And to support the project there will be erected on the site (I know it as the Rose Bowl) 3 food serveries, a sales outlet for the alcohol, and a performance building. Rather like a small High Street, In a Historic Park, on Metropolitan Open Land (that's a sort of urban green belt)

Not everyone is pleased with this prospect and there is a petition to sign if you share the view that this should not go ahead.


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