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This from Friends of Stationers Park actually made me cry.  If anyone lives around the park, please do keep a look out and report anything suspicious. The old fort was burnt down too and although, no lasting damage to the structure, the new fort isn't even finished before some mindless vandals have decided to set it on fire.


"I am sad to report that there has the the new playground facilities at Stationers Park have fallen victim to arsonism - someone collected a stack of phonebooks and thought they would start a bonfire in the turret housing the new tube slide. there are some burned floor planks that will have to be replaced but the structure is undamaged. haringey parks have contacted Stroud Green Safer Neighbourhoods Team and they visited the site today.

This happened last night or more possibly early this morning. Can I ask that all friends of the park, particularly people at the top of Mayfield Road who have a clear view of the playground pay some extra attention, particularly over the weekend and call the police quick response number - 101 - if you hear anyone in the park out of its opening hours? this is the second attack on the playground since the build started and it is obviously a huge concern.

Also, if you have friends who may not be on this mailing list but live opposite the park, please do tell them to keep their eyes and ears open."

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God how bloody awful, just saw this back from hols, so depressing. 


It really is depressing isn't it? I don't think anything makes me despair more than the wanton vandalism of amenities created for people to enjoy. There is a rather exciting looking wooden adventure playground in the Lordship Rec which I notice has now been condemned due to vandalism. The saddest thing about that, is that the Council probably won't recommission it.


The biggest question is what can be done about it? I don't know how the cuts have affected park patrols but I'm sure they have. 

Hiya, I didnt realise there were park patrols. Well I was thinking about it today, not sure what can be done, unless we set up park patrols ourselves and set up a time table, but im not sure how workable that would be. If we put up a poster and pretended to do it would it encourage the person to do it more. Who do you think it is? It needs some kind of covert survellance to find out who it is. Are the stationers park friends on to this do you think?

On another note it irks me that there is a big blue plastic crate in the water near Weston Park school and there are park people sometimes in there and why havent they pulled it out, I tried to lean over myself to get it but with two small children I was easily distracted. It is there every day, I wonder why it is just left there...irritates me!

The swings are still missing too!  Oh well! I moved from Finsbury Park were there is a small park called Wray Crescent and if anything was amiss or missing it would fixed or restored straight away. My kids really miss it, though I dont miss the gangs!

Hope they catch the idiot who is doing this.


I'm not sure of the present status of park patrols. I do remember a couple of years ago a proposal to disband the Haringey Parks police force, according to this Wikipedia page that did happen.The lib dems were much against the disbanding and had alternative proposals. The way a borough council works though, the opposition seem to be all but powerless. Your local councillors should know what the current situation is. 

Patrols though would only be a palliative for the symptom - that some kids think it is good fun to wantonly destroy property. The cure would be to eliminate the urge to wanton destruction - not sure if this just means providing something sufficiently interesting to do to distract the destructive, or if we need to remodel the human psyche.

Stroud Green councillors.


The problem with rubbish started practically the day after Reg the Park Keeper retired. With staff cuts and budget restraints they've cut back on the rubbish collection massively (it used to be every day, it's now twice a week I think). Obviously with no one in attendance the park has become neglected very quickly.  Friends of Stationers Park have met with the Parks department who are putting together a proposal to include volunteers to help clear the rubbish, tend to the ponds and stream and generally keep an eye on things.  We met at the beginning of the summer when the diggers building the new play area had been vandalised.  There's also a proposal on the table to try and eliminate the prison feel to the renovated shed that Veolia have taken over to store their rubbish carts. We thought it ridiculous that it needed such tall metal spikes and was not in keeping with the park. Though maybe the nature of the vandalism rather vindicates their decision to make it so inpenetrable.
That's awful news . I will keep an eye out too, I walk there a lot. Possibly another signal that young people don't have enough to do


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