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Anyone remember the old Crouch End Festival? 1980s - Festival Chorus sort of thing

You know the one from which the Crouch End Festival Chorus arose 30 years ago. The current upstart festival has asked for some memorabilia relating to the original incarnation, and seeing as the new is one doing reasonably well it would be nice to help out.

So if you have anything from those days - it was some time ago, so you might have a daguerreotype perhaps, some cave paintings, or a crackly voice recorded on a wax cylinder - please let me know with an email to adressian-crouchend@yahoo.co.uk or reach me by semaphore or send me a telegram.

Many Thanks

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what about the ones in between, Adrian? 1998-2001- you were one of the organisers, after all!   I have programmes and details of entertainment, stalls including Red Cross, Police, Har fostercare, Bike maintenance etc etc but no pix   sorry

1980s onwards - till the recent past

or 1880s onwards - lets cast our net wide.

what about those in between,-1998-2001- you were one of the organisers, after all, Adrian   I have programmes with details of entertainment, sponsors, fund-raising receptions and stalls including local artists and artisans, police finger-printing the children, Red Cross giving them imitation bruises and scars, Har.fostecare, bike maintenance and other community activities   sorry can't find any pix 


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