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Looks like the chippy on Topsfield Parade has gone - shutters down and no removeable fittings left inside.

George from opposite the police station has posted this

I bought my fish and chips there last night and it seems fine. The take away boxes are up to Amazon standard, the portions are generous and the prices about waht you'd expect. George's price list is a masterpiece of simplicity.

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To be fair, the chippy that's closed down was pretty poor. I think it's time for Toffs to branch out...


It wasn't bad at all Mr Toasty, the chips were very good and the fish was decent.  It just didn't look that great and maybe that put the N8 crowd off?

When I moved to Crouch end 12 years ago, the first 'meal out' i had was in this place. Sad to see it go.


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