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GP surgery that is. There is a planning application in to restore the GP surgery at 153 Park Road to being a residential dwelling. This follows not long after the closure of the surgery in Weston Park. My experience of booking an appointment with a GP is that it can take three weeks or so. Plenty of time for a trivial infection to become really quite serious.

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From the planning DAS -

4.3 Due to the reduced number of patients registered at the practice, the existing GP  is  not  considered  to  be  financially  viable  to  continue  given  the  site’s proximity  to  Hornsey Central Health  Centre which also provides  a General Practice  service  (Queenswood).  Moreover,  the  current  arrangement  is  in conflict with the NHS’s intentions of providing purpose built surgeries.

4.4 NHS England are aware of the closure and will be meeting in March of this year  to  decide  on  how  to  manage  the  premises.  It  is  anticipated  that  the existing  patients  will  be  dispersed  to  other  local  practices,  with  Hornsey Central Health Centre being the  most obvious and  accommodating choice. Hornsey Central Health  Centre have  confirmed that  they  have  capacity  for accommodating a significant number of the existing patients at No.153.

4.5 It is recognised that there is an oversupply of surgeries in the area. The Vale practice, a local purpose built practice in Park Road is known to have spare rooms, signifying a lack or need to meet the facility’s capacity.  

4.7 Queenswood  are willing to merge with the existing practice to take on the remaining patients and so there will be no direct impact to the loss of this 'community facility’.

Not sure I know what a 'planning DAS' is, but it's a very clumsy piece of writing. It's to be hoped that doctors don't think as this author writes. 

And while there may be an oversupply of surgeries, it's my experience there is a shortage of general practitioners. Does "a capacity for accommodating" mean that it is possible to get an appointment at short notice, or that there is a computer to maintain a very long waiting list?

Para 4.5 is a rather odd statement. The reason the Vale Practice appears to have spare rooms is because they used to be occupied by the Queenswood Practice before it moved to the Hornsey Health Centre. They were never part of the Vale's capacity.  Is the implication that the Vale should now be bringing in more GPs to use up the available space?  I doubt very much they have the funding for that. 


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