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The BBC programme Rip Off Britain has investigated the cost of Fish and Chips. An elderly gentleman felt that modern day fish and chips are a rip off, compared to when he used to pay 1/6d and get them wrapped in a real newspaper. Of course the price you pay for a portion varies enormously, even within Crouch End . Apparently Aberdeen is very expensive, not just for fish and chips.

The conclusion the programme came to was quite interesting. Taking into account that cod pieces have increased very greatly in size (by which I mean pieces of cod) from 2 1/2 oz immediately post war, to roughly 7 1/2 oz now. The chip portion has also roughly trebled in size. And VAT is a relatively new thing on food. Taking all this into account, they estimated that 1/6d would have inflated to £6.66. Which is, roughly speaking, more or less the cost of the average cod and chips in the average chippy up and down the country. So, no rip off.

But looking a bit further. How about we go back to post war portion sizes. The word is that the country has never eaten so healthily as when rationing was in force. No excess, but careful attention to getting a good balance. So, what if we reduce the portions back to 1/3rd of what they are now. Lots of benefits:

1) a reduction in the number of cod slaughtered, so stocks would replenish more quickly

2) reduced demand for cod so prices would go down

3) reduced cost of raw materials so the cost of a portion in the chippy would go down 

4) reduced demand for potatoes, so even more top quality land would be made available for building to accommodate  the insatiable demand for ever more housing

5) reduced levels of obesity thereby relieving pressure on the NHS

Of course the fixed overheads in the chippy would change not one jot so if they could only charge, say £3 for a portion then they'd all go out of business.

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Some of us just share one portion between two. Appreciate this may be down to being a skinflint.

Two! Spendthrift. 


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