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An outbreak of festivals, art and rhetorical devices in Crouch End

Festivals are like buses - you don't see one for ages and then umpteen come along at once. Bit like clichés really. I think there is a distinct chance of an overdose of festivalitis  (neologism) in May in Crouch End.

The period from May 4th all the way through to May 20th is absolutely astonishing unparalleled 3 weeks (hyperbole) of non-stop festival/culture. By which I mean culture over and above the day to day culture to which we are not unaccustomed (litotes) in Crouch End.

May 4th sees the start of the not-quite-the-first-ever (meiosisCrouch End festival,  the planning for which I thought was going OK (understatement). 

This finishes on May 13th which overlaps really quite neatly with Crouch End Open Studios on the weekend of 12th and 13th. I went to and wrote up last year's opening event, but so far haven't been invited this year (hint)

And then why not trot along (attempt at humour) to the YMCA Fun Run Festival on May 20th at Priory Park.


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