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This email does come a bit late in the whole process. Other attempts have been made to do something with the baths site, some of them documented on this site:

Baths and wash house

The conservation area

and the petition refers to Haringey's policy to preserve the views of Ally Pally, which they should stick to.

Sign up, and make sure it gets debated at the full council.

Dear Friends


An Appeal by Hornsey Action Group to help save Hornsey High Street


Most people would agree it is time something was done with the Hornsey Depot Site (north of Hornsey High Street - includes the recycling centre and the old Hornsey Baths and Washhouses Building which fronts the High Street).  However, the current plans are all about what Sainsbury's wants for its' planned store and cramming in as much housing as possible in excessively high blocks (up to 8 stories) in the area left after creating the store car park (114spaces).


Hornsey Action Group (spin off from the wider HornseyN8 group - joint organiser of the Hornsey High Street photo exhibition running in 3-compasses pub during November - see below) has started a petition against the Depot plans which focus's on retention of the Baths Building and saving the view Alexandra Palace as this is key to preventing many of the excesses of the current plans.  The proposed design involves knocking down the Baths Building and creating a 3-lane entry/exit road to the site for supermarket traffic and delivery lorries. 


As a group who have shown an interest in saving this building in the past I am writing to ask you to sign the petition below (follow link) that will help with this. 




Please find attached a summary briefing document of the planning application HGY/2013/2019 - full details of which can be found here:






Chris Chadwick




The petition is a bit technical in what it is asking of the Council, but it is important for the Council to recognise this view as an important local view, as this means a number of their own policies and national policies come into play which make it much more difficult for them to give permission to knock the building down.  The developers clearly recognise this as they go to great lengths not to mention the view in any of the background documents despite it being raised with them during their consultation exercise by many people. 


There is a long and complicated history behind this development, Sainsburys actually obtained planning permission after a Public Inquiry in 2000 for a large store behind the high street (which was to be accessed via a new rear access road - subsequently built as part of the New River Development by St James).  However, they failed to bring this forward, and continue to hold the whole site to ransom to satisfy their demands (they actually only own 30% of the site, Haringey Council own the other 70%).  The planning application is being driven by the requirements of Sainsbury's for an oversize supermarket with a "commensurate" surface level car park (114 spaces) that must be visible from the high street.  This means the Baths Building must be knocked down to create a 3-lane entry/exit access road to handle "...the delivery vehicles and quantum of car journeys expected". 



3rd Nov (6pm) at 3Compasses pub on Hornsey High Street - Opening by the Mayor of Haringey of a photo exhibition of Buildings of Hornsey High Street (organised by HornseyN8 Group and Hornsey Traders and Stakeholders Association) to last for the month of November.


7th Nov (7pm) at St Mary's CofE School on Rectory Gardens, Hornsey High Street - Public meeting about the Hornsey Depot Plans organised by Labour Party's 3 prospective candidates for the Hornsey Ward in next years Council elections


15th Nov (6.30pm) at Greig City Academy on Hornsey High Street - Public meeting about Hornsey Depot Plans organised by Lynne Featherstone Liberal Democrat MP for Hornsey & Wood Green


26th Nov (7pm) at Greig City Academy on Hornsey High Street - Development Management Forum organised by Haringey Council with Developers and Council Officers in attendance.

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