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I don't think he's taken illegal possession, but he is sitting on his heels. What a treat to see something happening at the site, even if he is only catching up with Facebook friends.

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I have scoured the OpinioN8 site for April fools jokes, and as the news from Haringey is clearly true, I have decided the story above must be the prank. I claim my prize.

From a correspondent whom I will allow to remain anonymous:

Spoke to ‘Bobby’ today.

Middeys hopes to open in about 6 weeks!!
They are having an opening night too. Told them to invite us.
They have resolved issue with council but have been awaiting permissions for the canopy outside.
Contact there is Bobby  rumbles78@outlook.com  

Is it the same chap that promised faithfully that they'd open in 4 weeks back in November?

Also, what were the issues with the council? And what do the Far East Consortium make of a canopy on their land? I doubt a terrace of pavement tables and chairs meets the requirement of 'vacant possession' of the Town Hall buildings and square necessary to fulfill the agreement signed between Haringey and FEC.

my email to Bobby

Dear Bobby, Pleased to hear that you will soon be open in Middeys, Crouch End.

What as? A restaurant or convenience store? What have you agreed with FEC (the new owners of the Town Hall) about the pavement area?

Our Facebook group is desperate for news.

Thanks Ivan O'pinion


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