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Just four hot cross buns in this tasting - Gail's, Waitrose, Dunns (Budgens) and Honeycomb. Sable d'Or and Coffee Cake had none, Gregg's was closed on Sunday and Belgique is up a hill.

Only three tasters this time so room for disagreement in the judging - averaging out just won't work.

Looks - all agreed that Honeycomb was a long way behind Waitrose's traditional shop bought look which was not far behind Gail's and Dunn's more artisan appearance, about equal top.

Taste was more even with marks awarded Honeycomb 5/10, Waitrose 6/10, Gail's and Dunn's equal on 7 or 8 out of 10. I had Gail's ahead, but H felt quite strongly that Dunn's was better.

Gail's wins hands down on price at 1.33p/gram so this is where you go to get rid of all that extra cash, Honeycomb at 1.05p/g, Dunn's 0.73p/g and Waitrose 0.64p/g




































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I hope you toasted them and ate them with lashings of butter?

The Dunn's hot cross bun looks much the nicest in my opinion - the artisan offerings of Gail's looks a bit rough and cobbled together for my tastes!

That'll be your M&S for the random cranberry addition!  What butter to put on is also a dilemma.  I favour the french President salted butter when I'm feeling flush.  I buy unsalted for baking and mistakenly put it in the butter dish the other day.  I spread it on some crumpets and despite being Lurpak I might as well have smeared axel grease on them.  I discovered a lovely Irish butter the other day called Wyke Farm - just had it on some baguette to mop up the juices of some chilli octopus we've all just eaten...
96p you say?  I am interested in this butter - it's about £1.30 in Morrison's and Sainsbury's!
Suzie, Dunns Bakery also do a GI Cranberry Hot Cross Bun - absolutely yummy
Excellent, I shall check it out, thank you for the tip.

For your information please see the article wednesday's i paper (independant's little sister paper) where Dunn's Bakery came out top in a taste testing of 10 nationally - also available online.



Well, what an honour - the article is here.

Of course the best nationally might not be as good as the best in Crouch End


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