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A Rich Tapestry of Cabling and intermittent peace - Finsbury Park

Haringey is very proud of Finsbury Park. It has a page to itself on the Haringey website where Haringey claims:

  • Finsbury Park underwent a £5million Heritage Lottery Funded restoration and improvement programme in 2005. In recognition of the transformation, the Park was awarded the prestigious Green Flag Award in 2007 and has retained it ever since.
    • Well, yes and no. The Keep Britain Tidy mystery shopper report from the back end of 2018 rated the park red, i.e. not up to Green Flag standard. Haringey claims that this means the park did not lose Green Flag status, just had it severely brought into question
  • Finsbury Park provides a rich tapestry of landscapes and a variety of facilities now catering for twenty-first century needs.
    • Well yes and no. 'Rich Tapestry' is perhaps a little poetic licence, but 'catering for twenty first century needs' is very much a Yes. The image below is of a trench being dug to accommodate a cable to join the festival stage area to the festival mixer desk (represented by the red square). A very fine twenty first century facility indeed, though of limited use to most park users. And one would guess a very substantial investment by someone, implying a project of some longevity. I wonder how the cable ends will be terminated when there is no festival,
  • It is the largest park managed by the council and offers a peaceful green retreat from its urban built-up surroundings.
    • Again, yes and no. There are times when it is a peaceful green retreat. And there are times when neighbours from miles around complain, vigorously, of the noise and disruption  caused by the events program which I reproduce here. Another 21st century need is for a peaceful place to jog away the stresses and the superfluous calories of modern life, but the forthcoming festival means the Finsbury Parkrun is cancelled on 22, 29 June & 6 July. Of course, other Parkruns are available.

Upcoming events

Below is a list of forthcoming events in Finsbury Park:

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