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Dear Adrian,

FoFP meeting for tonight postponed

Our apologies for the late notice but it has proven necessary to cancel tonight's scheduled general meeting.

Our general meeting has been postponed to Tuesday 18 May.


Open Arms Licensing & Planning Applications 

This is an update for members and residents concerned about the Open Arms Application that has aroused much interest. Our previous message of 5 April on the matter, is here.

828 hours – correction

The hours were calculated previously at 810. However that did not include the two Monday bank holidays (31 May & 30 August) that add another 18 hours. Thus the total number of hours sought for the supply of alcohol is 828 (eight hundred and twenty eight). 


The promoter has offered to talk to Objectors at an online meeting tonight.

However, there will be a formal public meeting of the Licensing Committee on Tuesday, 4th May at 19.30, via Microsoft Teams.



The promoters have also lodged an Application with Haringey Council Planning Department; this appears to have been necessitated because the event's "temporary" structures (shipping containers) would remain in place for more than 28 days. i.e. for four months.

The Planning Application can be viewed here and the documents downloaded.

The period for Comment (above) is open until 5 May 2021.

Arms folded at Ruskin Park, Lambeth

The promoter also put in a similar application to Lambeth Council for an Open Arms at Ruskin Park. Due to strong local opposition, it has since been withdrawn:

Friends of Ruskin Park Newsletters ~

19 February  Application
11 March       Feedback
 3 April         Update 
On April 14, the FoRP reported that the Open Arms at Ruskin Park would not go ahead.

Now: actions for our Finsbury Park

We would encourage Members and residents to respond to the Planning Application (above), to the Planning Department. by 5 May. We believe that, among any other possible material planning matters (i.e. legally relevant), the considerations are:

  • Litter
  • Toilets
  • Security
  • Aesthetics
  • Health and safety
  • Haringey Open Space Strategy


Please feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone you think may be interested. Our last newsletter was forwarded to thousands!

Clive Carter and Tom Graham
Co-Chairs, The Friends of Finsbury Park

Bethany Anderson, Eldridge Culverwell, Katie Dawson, Kevin Duffy, Simon Hunt, Jono Kenyon, Douglas Palin (Treasurer/Company Secretary) and Lawrence Singha  —Trustees


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