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A slightly different Hornsey & Wood Green Parliamentary Constituency has emerged in today's Boundary Commission report. In sum Catherine West loses Stroud Green ward (which goes to Tottenham, bet they'll be pleased), and gains Bowes ward.

Bowes is actually in the borough of Enfield, but historical precendent, local identity and geographical sense count for absolutely nothing in this exercise. Indeed neither does population - the teeming thousands in London with high numbers of people unregistered, large transient communities, and a high proportion of under 18s, count for nil too. Only the electoral roll counts here, and if the new boundaries across the country happen to benefit the Tory party more than others, well that's just by-the-by. Of course if the intention was to reflect actual voting patterns they could have gone PR, but that is clearly outlandish, and I'm dangerously radical for suggesting such a thing.

One thing it does mean is that Crouch End, as understood by the officially designated area set by the CE Neighbourhood Forum is split between two constituencies - as the Ferme Park/Stationer's Park area becomes part of Tottenham.

At least we can be grateful Hornsey still exists (apparently Jeremy Corbyn's Islington doesn't). We may have lost the borough in 1965, but the constituency lingers on. Still, all 'proposals' at this stage. people can go to the website.

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The 1950 general election. Conservative David Gammans romps home at the Hornsey Town Hall declaration with 54% of the vote.


For the hard of visualisation I've produced a picture even I can follow. The red line represents the proposed boundary, so Stroud Green in black becomes part of Tottenham, and Bowes, part of Enfield shown mainly white, becomes part of Hornsey and Wood Green. 

Have you looked at the video? Shocking behaviour. Crowds of people complaining about the result of a popular vote, even after it had been declared. Remains to be seen if anyone can Trump that.


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