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There is a rumour resurfacing on Facebook today that Cineworld may be looking to come to Crouch End. Apparently a flyer has been distributed. According to an unusually well informed source the site would be on Tottenham Lane in place of this 60s architectural masterpiece. 

Interestingly this would be on the site of what was once a cinema in Crouch End. The image below is taken from conveyances setting out the sale of this piece of land over a number of years. Double click on it to get the full animated gif effect.

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it would also be right next door to the Music Palace that has just got permission for a Curzon independent cinema.  

Meanwhile, the Town Hall with all municipal entertainment facilities mothballed lies dormant whilst Crouch End Festival fills all other available spaces inside and out with creativity.  Something really doesn't add up in all this.

I have arranged a conversation with some members of the Hornsey Town Hall project team. I plan to question their adding up. Let me know what questions you have (Amanda or anyone else) and I will ask those questions as well. However this will not be a public meeting so I can't ask you to put your questions in person.

Hi Adrian, when is you meeting, hope I haven't missed it.  As someone involved in organising Crouch End Festival my thoughts are those of Sue Hessel in Ham & High: 


i.e. that we have a purpose built and beautiful building that lies at our heart and on whose steps an enormous festival has been organised for the last 2 years. With zero support from the Council and no possibility of using the Town Hall. I'm all for enterprise developing festivals and private companies opening new cinemas but when we have this enormous facility rotting at our centre that we could be using and enjoying - this is what doesn't add up.  "What on earth is happening about the Town Hall and why?" the question must have occurred to hundreds of Crouch Enders at the festival and every day. To be precise, why is the community continuing to not benefit from our own beautiful Town Hall and the Council not allowing us to?  

Thanks for offering to find answers.  


Doesn't seem fair to the Curzon Cinema people does it...?

Actually two Cinemas side by side can make sense providing they are not both showing the same film at the same time....

Why? Do we need 6 screens?  Where are all these people going to park?  I know that telly is bad these days, and there's no World Cup or Olympics this year, but even so, I don't usually go to the cinema more than once a week and the combined capacity will be upwards of 2400 a day! 


Parking may be a problem, but the L.A could create an hour of permit parking in the evenings. I think this is a good thing for Crouch End, which already draws on a huge hinterland for shopping and entertainment - this is the kind of activity that keeps the place busy and vibrant.

I went to a meeting with the Hornsey Town Hall project team and have written up the better news to come out of it.

I just got the email below - making this more than a rumour.

Dear Sir or Madam


We act on behalf of City Screen Ltd (CSL), who is holding a public consultation event on the proposed new Picturehouse Cinema for Crouch End.


CSL recently acquired 165 Tottenham Lane, Crouch End. A Picturehouse cinema was built on the site in 1911, but closed at the outbreak of World War II and never re-opened.  CSL wish to return a Picturehouse cinema to this site and will be consulting on their proposal for a new 4 screen cinema on Saturday 22 June 2013 and Monday 1 July 2013 at Rokesly Avenue (please see the attached flyer for further details).


Would it be possible to upload details of this event in Crouch End on your website?   


I look forward to hearing from you in response to the above.  In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any queries.


Kind regards





Lisa J Bowden

Associate Partner


Porta Planning LLP

14–17 Wells Mews

POX 7775




BRILLIANT!!!!!!! :)

We've just come back from the public consultation at Rokesly School.

We met Holly from Picturehouse and James the architect. They were able to clear up a number of concerns:

The proposed cinema development has been in the planning stage for a number of years and is not a response to the Music Palace project.

The company behind this project is Picturehouse (http://www.picturehouses.co.uk) rather than Cineworld itself. Cineworld IS a sizeable shareholder but Picturehouse operates as a separate entity, running a number of cinemas themselves and programming for other independent cinemas.

They have a bespoke rather than corporate approach to developing the cinema buildings they operate themselves. If you are imagining a brash neon-lit frontage (like Cineworld Wood Green), think again. The plans are for something much more low-key, subtle and interesting.

The roof height of the building facing Tottenham Lane will not be altered.

At the consultation we also met a local resident who was delighted by the plans. Her current eyesore view would be replaced with something much more aesthetically pleasing if the Picturehouse plans go ahead.

If you would like to see the proposal and architectural plans, there is another session Monday 1 July 6.30-9.00p.m. at Rokesly School. You can also email the project team directly crouchend@picturehouses.co.uk

Hello everyone

My name is Jon Barrenechea and I work for Picturehouse Cinemas. I'd be happy to answer any questions regarding the cinema plans and clarify any issues. We're really looking forward to engaging with residents and community groups over the next few months.

We now have a Facebook page which you can visit https://www.facebook.com/CrouchEndPicturehouse for news, to ask questions, see pictures and plans we're going to be uploading. You can also email us directly at crouchend@picturehouses.co.uk.

Thanks for all the positive comments so far!

All the best



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