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I was talking to a neighbour the other day and he told me he had recently been burgled. This is a crime that has not yet made it onto our local crime map. But the rest of the story was worth noting. After the crime happened the police investigated and asked if anything odd or unusual  had happened recently. He was able to report that during the previous week an apparent window cleaner had called and behaved in a somewhat un-window-cleaner like fashion, in particular not really cleaning windows but coming back on several successive days having given a series of more or less plausible excuses for his behaviour. The police had been made aware of similar stories over recent weeks and have made good progress in identifying the culprits.

I take several lessons from this.

A lot of people who come to your door are perfectly genuine - I have innumerable copies of the WatchTower and countless pairs of super scissors that I don't really need - but there are some who are less than genuine - look out for odd behaviour and make a note of it.

I have reread the police advice on burglaries and bogus callers

I have taken the slightly paranoid step of putting the Safer Neighbourhoods team contact details in my mobile phone



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