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£50,000 to put neon signs in Bouga - Here in Park Road

Here (of Berkhamsted) recently applied for permission to install neon signs in what used to be Bouga at No 1 Park Road. This was refused on the grounds of visual amenity, The application to renew the shopfront has been given permission to go ahead.

But now the new leaseholders on the premises are wondering a bit about finances. They have put up a Here Crouch End crowdfunder plea for £50,000 , or £40,000 , or £30,000 or whatever, really,  to help with the doing up. If you want to put up a few quid (£25 or more), what you get in return is food or drink or a bit of a do in either the new Park Road place or in Berkhamsted.

They still want their neon signs. A quote on their Facebook page says it looks very boho

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Seems pretty ridiculous for planners to claim that a tasteful neon sign is out of keeping with the area. Kiss The Sky and the Arthouse Cinema both have neon signs, and the Arthouse in particular is very attractive.

I'm now a crowdfunder.

And I'm with Matthew on the neon sign thing, which will probably get me shouted at. Why a tasteful and attractive small neon sign is seen as the gates of hell for the conservation area, whereas the innumerable godawful examples of the non-illuminated variety seem to be untouchable, I have no idea.

Crouch End is an urban area. I find it ridiculous that planners have objected to a small, neon sign when the High Street already has a few. Way to welcome and encourage small businesses to invest in the area.

And why does something like this require planning permission, but a basement conversion which causes months of inconvenience and possible damage to neighboring homes, does not? What kind of idiots are running the Haringey Planning Department?    

I swear, I'm losing the will to live.


It has been noticeable that there has been an upsurge in dubious planning decisions (especially in conservation areas)within Crouch End since the appointment of Emma Williamson (Head of Planning @ Haringey) in 2013.

Presently I about to submit a planning application for a 20ft fibre glass "Godzilla" to come out of my roof; I'm sure it will be a really enhance the conservation area within CE and will no doubt be passed despite fervent local opposition!


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