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Q. Do you like Kipling

A. I don't know I've never kipled.

Just to remind myself that I think the old jokes are the best. And it is slightly justified by the headline. It may very well be that Crouch End will be seeing more armadillos in the near future, courtesy of the £5.8m Liveable Neighbourhoods grant coming our way. See the foot of the page for a description of the money's purpose. Rumour has it that the true purpose of the money is to extend cycle route Q10 through the Haringey Heartlands, southwards to Finsbury Park. The work on this connection is already well under way, and hearing that 'armadillos' had already been installed in Hornsey High Street, I went to have a look (because of my 'satiable curtiosity perhaps). These are the pictures I took. Looks to me as though the cycle route is a done deal. Our promised consultation on the expenditure of the £5.8m might be a bit of a foregone conclusion on this respect.

The pictures are taken at the bus stop just over the border in Eastern Haringey, under the railway bridge and left into Tottenham Lane by Bank Chambers.

I remember when I was a cyclist pointing out to the authorities that painting a couple of feet of road green would do nothing to stop lorries and buses driving on it . These armadillos are supposed to provide an adequate physical barrier to segregate the cyclist. Maybe they work? Some of the rest of the design raise questions though. The lady with the umbrella I've drawn an arrow to, is standing on a pavement which is also a cycle path. The lady with the buggy is watching the bus, and just about to step forward perhaps. Luckily there were no cyclists on this occasion. But some days . . . . 

And up at the Tottenham Lane junction, any cyclist turning left should be Ok, if she manages to miss the black bollard. But any going on towards Hornsey would do well not to rely on the 'give way' dashed line for motorists turning left, I think. Crouch End has this to look forward to.

Double click any of the images if you feel you need more detail.


Crouch End, Haringey

Under the proposals, pedestrian and cycling conditions in Crouch End town centre will be improved to help encourage more active travel in the area, tackling congestion and improving air quality and residents’ well-being. The proposals, which residents will be consulted on, look to create a new square incorporating the clock tower, currently surrounded by traffic on all sides. Segregated cycle routes will feed the town centre, pedestrian crossings will be improved and traffic will be reduced on residential streets with new modal filters

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