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I have just received the following through my letter box

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4—Screen Multiplex Cinema. A mistake for Crouch End!
Cineworld PLC is the second largest cinema chain in the UK. It is planning to build a 4-screen
590-seat multiplex cinema, brand name - Crouch End Picture House, at 165 Tottenham Lane
in Crouch End.
(Not to be confused with the independent 2 screen ArtHouse cinema which will open in the former Music Palace)
in Tottenham Lane in December 2013) http://www.arthousecrouchend.co.uk,
Fairfield Residents Group has started a petition in an effort to stop Cineworld changing the character and landscape of Crouch End. The images below are mock-ups provided by the developers {Cineworld) of how the new 4-screen multiplex will look. The first one depicts the unsympathetic out-of-character facade and the second one shows how the rear of the building is disproportionately large and will dominate Fairfield Gardens and Fairfield Road. .

row 2, cell 1 row 2, cell 2

• If this development goes ahead, the unique village character of Crouch End will change for ever
with an eye-sore of a building, increased traffic and late-night disturbance
- The impact on parking for Crouch End residents will be intolerable [see map overleafl
Please join us in our efforts to stop this happening by signing our petition at:
(Your contact details are protected]
The impact on parking for Crouch End residents
The circle in the map below represents a 200-metre radius from the proposed multiplex cinema development and clearly indicates what streets will be directly affected in terms of residential parking spaces on weekdays from:
8am -12-30am and on weekends from 8am - 2am. _
With restricted public transport links and the huge number of families with cars who live in the locale, residential parking spaces are already at a premium in Crouch End. The addition of a 4-screen multiplex cinema that is open 7 days a week all day, all evening and late at night will make this situation intolerable.
Residents in the following streets will be directly affected;
Fairfield Gardens, Fairfield Road, Elder Avenue, Aubrey Road, Tottenham Lane, Rokesly
Avenue, Rosebery Gardens, Elmtield Avenue, Ferme Park Road
And this will have a knock-on effect for parking in the whole of Crouch End.

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Ok, I think I've jumped the gun just a little bit. I've read the planning committee report at this link that says approval is recommended. And there doesn't seem to be any doubt there. :)


I really hope it gets approved. That site is currently an eyesore, and Picturehouse have to do something pretty horrific to it to make it looks worse, I don't actually think that would be possible. 

I would love to see Picture House in Crouch End.  There is a massive catchment area locally - within walking/cycling distance - and Crouch Enders have long  said they want an arthouse cinema.   They do terrific programming and from what I've seen, their development will improve what is currently a real eyesore



I agree with Liz about there being a massive catchment area, and I think it's very glib for protestors to say that anyone wanting to go to the cinema can travel to another neighbourhood. There are a lot of elderly people, for example, who can't just buzz around London in search of entertainment and seem very poorly served by Crouch End. I gather the Picturehouse does £4 silver screenings with free tea and coffee, which sound great.

As a cinema lover living in Crouch End, I hate having to go all the way to Hackney, East Finchley or even Brixton to watch a film in a nice venue. Even for people who don't mind watching films in a Vue or Odeon, the closest options are Wood Green, Holloway or Muswell Hill. It's expensive and, given the area's restricted public transport, takes a long time. Which is why I can't wait for Picturehouse to open up a location in Crouch End. 

Crouch End needs more than bakeries and pubs, and a Picturehouse would revitalise the area, create a few jobs, and would provide a fantastic option for a night out.

The building in its current state is a total eyesore and I can't imagine why anyone would think the proposed design is worse. Furthermore, it is categorically NOT a multiplex. Cineworld owns the Picturehouse chain, but the experience is completely different. Take it from me, I go to the cinema well over a hundred times a year, and I would choose to watch a film in a Picturehouse over an Odeon or Cineworld any day of the week.

And it has been approved by the planning committee!

Excellent news - I thought the Council couldn't possibly turn it down. Parking will always be a problem if people use cars but we can't let that prevent new initiatives


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