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I have just received the following through my letter box

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4—Screen Multiplex Cinema. A mistake for Crouch End!
Cineworld PLC is the second largest cinema chain in the UK. It is planning to build a 4-screen
590-seat multiplex cinema, brand name - Crouch End Picture House, at 165 Tottenham Lane
in Crouch End.
(Not to be confused with the independent 2 screen ArtHouse cinema which will open in the former Music Palace)
in Tottenham Lane in December 2013) http://www.arthousecrouchend.co.uk,
Fairfield Residents Group has started a petition in an effort to stop Cineworld changing the character and landscape of Crouch End. The images below are mock-ups provided by the developers {Cineworld) of how the new 4-screen multiplex will look. The first one depicts the unsympathetic out-of-character facade and the second one shows how the rear of the building is disproportionately large and will dominate Fairfield Gardens and Fairfield Road. .

row 2, cell 1 row 2, cell 2

• If this development goes ahead, the unique village character of Crouch End will change for ever
with an eye-sore of a building, increased traffic and late-night disturbance
- The impact on parking for Crouch End residents will be intolerable [see map overleafl
Please join us in our efforts to stop this happening by signing our petition at:
(Your contact details are protected]
The impact on parking for Crouch End residents
The circle in the map below represents a 200-metre radius from the proposed multiplex cinema development and clearly indicates what streets will be directly affected in terms of residential parking spaces on weekdays from:
8am -12-30am and on weekends from 8am - 2am. _
With restricted public transport links and the huge number of families with cars who live in the locale, residential parking spaces are already at a premium in Crouch End. The addition of a 4-screen multiplex cinema that is open 7 days a week all day, all evening and late at night will make this situation intolerable.
Residents in the following streets will be directly affected;
Fairfield Gardens, Fairfield Road, Elder Avenue, Aubrey Road, Tottenham Lane, Rokesly
Avenue, Rosebery Gardens, Elmtield Avenue, Ferme Park Road
And this will have a knock-on effect for parking in the whole of Crouch End.

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so in terms of parking, why not extend the CPZ to 8pm in the affected roads? That should solve that problem. I'm really bored of my road being a nest for white vans who disappear at noon and immediately come back at 2 when they can park again for free. 

I still think the cinema is a great idea, and it can't possibly be more of an eyesore than the existing building already is. 

I quite agree about CPZ - we too get vans parked all week and sometimes the weekend - big ones that obscure our view out of the window for days. That's because most of us in our street voted not for CPZ, shortsightedly - bring it on. And yes to another cinema. How about people walking/cycling/using public transport to get to there like lots of us already do!

What's proposed is a Picturehouse cinema - it's an arthouse chain that shows good quality films plus special events. It's owned by the Cineworld company but the way it's described above is misleading and aims to alarm, I think.

For example, this weekend the Clapham Picturehouse is showing Philomena and Gravity, plus it has a live broadcast of Richard II from the Royal Shakespeare Company with David Tennant. Other upcoming events are educational screenings for schools, a Polish film festival and Christmas screenings of Mary Poppins and It's a Wonderful Life.

I'd love to have this type of entertainment in Crouch End, and I think it would improve the area, not detract. Crouch End used to have two cinemas,  a music hall, and a fantastic concert hall in the town hall - it was culturally vibrant and should be again.


Jane, thanks so much for clarifying that. The original post was somewhat one-sided.I totally agree with you, I welcome both cinemas, it'll be great! I do, however, understand that parking may be an issue, and I would suggest looking into extending the CPZ in certain roads, or maybe even across the board, to prevent parking becoming a nightmare for locals. Do we really think that many people will drive though? 

To say the original post is 'somewhat one-sided' is damning with faint praise. It was the text of a circular pushed through local letterboxes, left in pubs and put up in shops as part of a campaign against the granting of planning permission, posted on OpinioN8 in the hope of generating a debate - thank you all for your responses.

I have just looked up the history of the site in 'Cinemas of Haringey' by Jeremy Buck. The first building erected on this site was a cinema called PictureHouse, opened on 15th April 1911. So another Picturehouse would be like full circle. The map image in this link is an animated gif - double click to see how the Lightcliffe House site developed. It needs a couple more layers to come up to date.

The recommendation from Haringey's planning department is here, seems fair , and reads:

The proposed redevelopment of the site at No. 165 Tottenham Lane is acceptable as the strategic, community and cultural regeneration benefits it would bring at this end of Crouch End town centre would significantly outweigh potential parking impacts caused by the proposal. A Section 106 agreement and conditions would ensure the implementation of a travel plan which sets out migitation measures to reduce customer parking, and ensures a periodic review of parking conditions. The provision of cycle storage within the site would also help promote sustainable modes of travel over the private motor vehicle. The design and form of the proposal is considered compatible within its local and wider conservation area setting, and has been inclusively designed for disabled users. The applicant has demonstrated that the proposal would not give rise to any significant degree of noise, vibration, disturbance or the loss of daylight/sunlight and outlook impacts upon adjoining residential properties, and would attain a minimum ‘Very Good’ BREEAM rating to help reduce carbon emissions.

The small survey at the right hand side of this page suggests opinion is split, with a very small majority (10:8) in favour just at the moment.

I would second Jane's comments. Before moving to Crouch End, I lived near to a Picturehouse cinema - the Ritzy in Brixton. It showed a great range of films, both mainstream and more artsy, offered regular "big scream" screenings for parents and babies, and had a good bar that also hosted events with local musicians etc. 

Whatever justifiable concerns people may have about parking (I live within the 200-metre "blast radius"), there is a certain amount of snobbery and cant in some of what has been said (or implied) about the proposed cinema. Firstly, what exactly is the facade meant to be unsympathetic to - the Kwik Fit, the Texaco garage, the car wash, the YMCA? Certainly, the proposal is a great improvement on the existing decrepit office block.

Secondly, why does it matter so much that Picturehouse is a chain (and now owned by Cineworld)? The "independent" Arthouse, which nobody has a bad word to say about, is teaming up with Curzon. Curzon runs eight cinemas directly, partners with a further eight through franchise and is owned by Curzon World ltd. In what sense are they not a chain? A quick google of "Curzon zero hours" is enough to see that Curzon are hardly a charity. There is more than a whiff in this of "we only want the right kind of cinemagoers coming to Crouch End".

Also, Crouch End is an affluent London suburb with a great mix of shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants. A village it ain't. How many villages have a Waitrose next to a Tesco next to a Budgens near to an M&S (more chains - assume no one shops there though)? I presume what is meant by village character is "a nice range of independent shops, slightly cut off from the rest of town by virtue of having no tube and, therefore, reasonably self-sustaining". I fail to see how having a mid-to-highbrow cinema, adding to an otherwise slight paucity of cultural offerings, is going to ruin that. 

Yes, the Picturehouse will compete with the commendable Arthouse venture, but Curzon themselves say of their Richmond cinema: "Curzon Richmond is a dearly loved neighbourhood cinema which quietly competes with local multiplexes by showing the best in world and independent cinema". They appear to be willing to take competition in their stride and emphasise how their offering can complement more populist fare. I would also question whether four screens and 590 seats really constitutes a multiplex. The combined Picturehouse/Arthouse will have six screens, the same number as the Vue Wood Green, which itself has to compete with the 12-screen Cineworld across the road.

I do agree that the transport plan submitted by Picturehouse has a few holes in it - for example, I don't quite believe that 14% will arrive by train. But I suspect that a suck-it-and-see approach is what's needed, with options to extend the CPZ kept in the back pocket should they be needed.

Dan, brilliant post, could not agree more!!!!

I thought Dan's post was brilliant too. I agree with every word!

And I really like the idea that the cinema site has come full circle. It'd be lovely if the Picturehouse collected memories & pics of the first cinema. I know one of my neighbours remembers it.

That would be amazing, agree. We're not having much of a discussion here, are we? All in agreement! :D

Couldn't have put it better myself, Dan - totally agree with you.

Objected totally to the leaflet from the Friends of Fairfield Gardens being pushed through my letter box on Elmfield Avenue since it exaggerated the potential parking problems. After the last forum meeting in Rokesley School we walked home and counted 7 parking spaces in our road at 9 p.m. - no worries there then!

And why, oh why are we so worried about cars and parking anyway- we should be encouraging people to leave their cars at home. If we have local cinemas for local people, they can walk!

The Planning section on Haringey's website is showing that permission's been granted. :)

Really?! Could you send link? I can only see "Pending decision".


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