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I took part in an aquathlon yesterday morning at Park Road Pool. Aquathlon is a horrible word - where to put the emphasis? - but what it means is swimming and running. I've never tried to combine these disciplines before so I took part in the Novice category. 2 lengths of the Lido and 1km run. My running is OK but my swimming is poor - I'm starting improver lessons at PRP soon - and by golly I need them - 2 lengths was almost too  much for me and involved a lot of floating on my back to get my breath back. The water was a pleasingly comfortable temperature and the weather was kind, so even the walk back from the finish to the 'transition area' (approx 1km) was not cold.

I was much encouraged by the appearance of my fellow 'novices'. There were only 6 of us, but all of an age, give or take a few years. I like the idea of 50 and 60 year old novices - inspired by the Olympics perhaps? 

Maybe after my improver lessons I'll be able to move on to some intermediate stuff in another aquathlon, and eventually I'll be able to tick off triathlon from my bucket list.

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