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Beware of scam charity collectors dressed in Santa uniforms usually black kids in small groups. They are collecting on behalf of the notorious Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.  Here below is a description of their role in the Victoria Climbie.murder.

Victoria Climbié's death (UK)

Victoria Climbié was an eight-year-old child whose cruel death led to major changes in child protection policies in the UK. She died from abuse and neglect while living with her aunt Marie-Therese Kouao and the aunt's boyfriend. Victoria was seen by dozens of social workersnurses, doctors and police officers before she died, and by the UCKG, but all failed to spot and stop the abuse as she was slowly tortured to death. Kouao and her boyfriend were charged with child cruelty and murder. During police interviews, both claimed that Victoria was possessed by evil spirits. They were both sentenced to life imprisonment.[31]

Victoria's murder led to a public inquiry which investigated the role of social services, the National Health Service, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, and the police in her death.

On 19 February 2000 Victoria was taken by Kouao to the UCKG on Seven Sisters Road. The pastor, Álvaro Lima, told the inquiry that he suspected she was being abused. He said that Victoria told him that Satan had told her to burn herself. According to the inquiry report "Pastor Lima expressed the view that Victoria was possessed by an evil spirit and advised Kouao to bring Victoria back to the church a week later".[31] Lima decided to pray and fast with an assistant; he did not call the police, hospital or social services, and took no further action.[32]

On 24 February 2000 Kouao took Victoria back to the UCKG, where Pastor Lima advised them to go to hospital and called a taxi;[31] when she arrived at the hospital her temperature was 27 °C (normal temperature is about 36 °C). She died the following day—the same day the UCKG was planning to hold a service of deliverance for her to cast out the devil.[33] A post-mortem examination found 128 injuries on all parts of her body; the pathologist reported that it was the worst case of deliberate harm to a child he had ever seen.[31]

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Comment by Amanda Carrara on December 29, 2012 at 11:13

(also posted under Charity Chuggers item)

Yes, there was real kerfuffle outside Waitrose yesterday afternoon when someone was urging passers by not to donate - for the reasons outlined above.  The collectors paid no attention and danced and sang.  But when I found out about the organisation and how virtually nothing goes to "charity" it struck a really sour note to my Christmas shopping.  They should not be allowed to collect.  Also last Wednesday there were bogus Big Issue sellers outside Waitrose and Budgens.  I challenged one of them to show his ID and after several minutes of "searching" in his bag, he could not provide it.  I support charities and especially the Big Issue, but both above incidents are not good in our Broadway and put doubt about donating into people's minds.  Who is responsible for policing this kind of thing?  Merry Christmas all.

Comment by Adrian Essex on December 24, 2012 at 15:39

There have been some other scams in Crouch End

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