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Parliamentary Select Committee on effects of the Gambling Act (2005)

PLEASE note that if anyone wants to make submissions to this Inquiry, they need to do so by this Thursday.

More information here.

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Comment by Adrian Essex on June 28, 2011 at 21:05

I've seen gambling on the television and films. Its a tense, seductive business. The eyes of the participants meet across the table, excitement builds, a bead of sweat grows  and trickles slowly down a brow, The croupier hesitates over the wheel or the shoe containing the baccarat or the blackjack cards, delaying the climax. The decision about black or red, twist or stick is eventually taken and the suspense reaches a crescendo as fortunes are won or lost.

I've also been to casinos in real life, on the Isle of Man, in Las Vegas and elsewhere. Its like a money removal factory. There is barely time between rolls/deals to push your chips forward. Bet/roll/lose, bet/roll/lose, bet/roll/lose. The only anxiety is not over winning or losing, its simply about whether or not you can lose your money quickly enough. And the sight of row after row of occupied  one armed bandits is simply depressing. I've never seen the attraction of the places. I'm not surprised that the legislation has never given rise to a super casino, rather I'm pleased. 

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