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My life has changed a bit recently. I now have a modest income from what seems to be a fully funded pension scheme, and very few domestic commitments. So I could, for example, ring up Alpine Elements on Saturday and ask them if they have any ski-ing weeks starting on Sunday they haven't sold yet. I could then conduct a Dutch auction until the price came down to what I was willing to pay. I almost wish I hadn't thought of that - I might yet regret not doing it.

I think I'll persist with OpinioN8. I seem to enjoy the sound of my own voice in typescript on a screen.

I'll probably stick with a bit of cooking and cleaning and personal hygiene - I'm almost completely unsupervised now but I must try and maintain some standards.

I still enjoy the athletics and I did have a bit of success recently so that's a few more hours used up each week. I do plan to learn to swim so I can do a triathlon.

But I'm still left with time to fill, and one of the avenues I'm exploring is a bit of volunteering. 

I'm not sure where I saw it advertised but somehow I heard of the Warm 'n' Healthy project and its call for volunteers to offer support and advice to the over 60s in Haringey to keep warm 'n' healthy this winter. Perhaps it was the over 60s catchment that appealed to me. By becoming a volunteer I might simultaneously be both a victim, and a perpetrator of this scheme. If I could get my CRB check done I could perhaps even visit myself to offer me advice. Plus I've spent some time recently being effectively housebound, and during that time the fact that friends bothered to visit was an enormous comfort to me. Part of the Warm 'n' Healthy scheme is to put volunteers in contact with the housebound to reduce the risk of their becoming completely isolated. I have now been put in contact with a potential visitee and just the very presence of someone else in the house seemed to cheer him up - I believe that some good will come of that (provided that I pass the CRB check, which I haven't yet).

The other thing I'd hope to tie this volunteering up with is OpinioN8. There is a Haringey scheme currently running called Neighbourhoods Connect whose stated aim is " to ensure that communities in Haringey are better able to look after people who are or may become vulnerable" and one of the ways it tries to do this is by "work [ing] closely with local community websites Harringay Online (external link) and Bowes and Bounds Connected (external link)."  This is how the Neighbourhoods Connect scheme is described on Bowes and Bounds.. Perhaps there is something to be gained by having OpinioN8 added to the list of local websites. There is a lot more about Neighbourhoods Connect on its blog page

So my voluntary work is still at a very early stage, and there are questions to be asked about it. Maybe I'll write again when I get some of the answers

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Comment by Dahlia Cuby on March 23, 2012 at 19:19

youve inspired me. thank you.

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