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So, I am in Dubai International.airport on my way to Ho Chi Minh City. I count that as exotic. so far the trip is going quite well. Economy class on Emirates is no more spacious than other airlines, but the entertainment system was phenomenal. It is some time since I've been on a long haul flight and maybe all other airlines are now this good, but I enjoyed watching the take off via cctv, while listening to the sound track of my youth. Four digit channel numbers does suggest a wealth of stuff to choose from. I watched Captain Phillips, which paints a surprising picture of Americans, whom I think of as gun toting rednecks, but these guys went and hid behind the engines the moment they saw a Somali gunman.
Dubai International Airport is a complex of buildings with one thing very clearly in mind - the expenditure of money. The buildings are opulent and shiny, and I guess a wall of water really does cock a snook at the desert. The lifts are bigger than mini buses. And if you want to choose from innumerable watches, cameras, smartphones and tacky bits of crystal, this is definitely the place to be.
I suspect though that HCMC does not rate high in Dubai's list of places to be. The gate to board the connecting flight was as far away as its possible to be, and then there was a 10 minute bus ride. All that opulence perhaps isn't for me.

And I found almost the perfect place for someone who does not need opulence in the local market by my hotel. The market has the same money extracting purpose as DXB but on such a vastly different scale. I had a meal and some beer for less than £3.

 And slept solidly after for 8 hours.


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